The consoles choose the Xbox, PS3, and also PS4 are not only simply meant because that games, actually is castle are an ext than the just gaming gadgets these days. They room now, merely serves together an entertainment hub. In this article, us will present you how to attach Phone come PS3 and also how to usage it. Having actually movies/music on your phone and listening come it is good, yet most that the individuals now searching for a way to accessibility their content on various other devices.

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There are numerous apps because that that. One such app is AirSync, that is an Android app. The app permitted its user come stream media content from her phone come a local computer, v the assist of global DLNA. However there is a new update accessible for the global DLNA standard, i beg your pardon has included some more functionality- many importantly, it added connectivity v the Xbox 360’s and also PS3’s integrated DLNA protocol.

You can connect your Phone and also PS3 or Xbox 360 utilizing USB chords, Bluetooth, and also WiFi or even by display mirroring. We indicate you the link with WiFi, together it is simple and easy to do. Let united state see exactly how to attach using the DLNA protocol. Adding to that we can additionally know the method to control ps3 with android device.

How to affix Phone to PS3

There are few apps ~ above the pat Store, i beg your pardon will aid you to carry out this, utilizing DLNA technology. That is feasible to connect any phone with Android variation 1.6 and also later and also any Xbox 360 or PS3.

Step 1: affix your Phone and also PS3 to her Wi-Fi

DLNA is operated end WiFi, so that is neccessary that devices you want to attach should be linked under the very same WiFi network. If in case you have actually multiple routers, simply make certain your phone and PS3 signed in the same network. As soon as it is done, go to your app drawer and also load up the AllShare application.

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Step 2: Media share construction for PS3

Turn ON your PS3 console and also navigate to settings. Then walk to the Internet setting and scroll under to puff the Media resource Connection. Make sure this setting is enabled, if not, your PS3 will not detect your mobile.

Step 3: watch videos

After creating the connection in between the phone and console, the media on her phone will certainly be automatically noted under the appropriate section of the PS3’s media bar. When you open up the phone folder, you will certainly be presented through folders for all of the accessible DLNA content. The videos can additionally be streamed via DLNA to your TV via PS3.

Click the videos folder and select the movie you great to stream. You have the right to pause, rewind and also fast-forward through the film as as with a remote control using the PS3 pad.


That’s it. Currently you know how to affix Phone to PS3. There are a lot of DLNA options available on Android. Among them, plenty of are available for free and have the right to be download from the Android Market. Recommended options are Skifta and also BubbleUPnP, DoubleTwist, AirTwist which will have the very same functionality as discussed above.

If girlfriend have any type of issues v the connecting measures or any feedback or any type of betterment options, you re welcome comment below.

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