Sometimes you just need come know just how to charge a BlueTooth speaker without a charger since you forgot it, it’s broken, or the port isn’t working.

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Tips To help Extend Battery Life Of your Wireless Speaker

If you are worried around the battery life of her wireless speaker since you forgot your charger, it is always far better to it is in proactive and shot to maintain life as lot as possible. While this will largely depend ~ above the health of your battery, there are some measures you can take to preserve as lot of that battery life together possible.

Turn Off her Speaker as soon as You Aren’t utilizing It:

This one do not do it be surprising, simply don’t store your speaker on when friend aren’t making use of it. many of united state will pause our music and forget that us left the speaker on. Part will have automatic turn off features, but most don’t.

Use plane Mode If friend Can:

When you have aircraft mode turned on, you deserve to still use the speak for part things, but you won’t acquire notifications because that your text messages, push notifications, email, and also more.

Keep your Speaker Plugged In once Possible:

One point you can do is keep her speaker plugged in whenever possible. Now, you don’t want it come sit on the charger if it is in ~ 100%, but you desire to to express as much as possible out of the time you need to charge. As soon as you do have actually ample access to a charger, shot not to charge till it is complete.

Keep The Volume Down:

Another alternative is to just play the speaker at a reduced volume. You will certainly eat up more of the battery the louder you have the volume. Save the battery at around 75% because that the most efficiency.

Try To store It Cool:

Finally, keep your speaker in a cool, dark place. Too much heat can be attention for her speaker (unless it has actually a solar charger). If you permit it come sit in full sun, the battery will certainly die faster. It is additionally best no to leave it in a hot trunk or in straight sunlight on your windowsill. Eventually, this can degrade the high quality of the battery.

Conclusion: What would We Do?

As amazingly handy as a wireless speaker deserve to be, it can sometimes be complicated to uncover a charge.

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as they have actually longer battery resides than ever before before, you might not constantly carry the charger around. Many good speakers are likewise notorious for having actually easily damaged ports.

Overall, girlfriend don’t have to throw the speak away and get a new one if there room charging problems, but it can make your life a litt