I'm a level 60, fairly high Dex construct using a +5 silver knight sword and +4 grass crest shield. I simply acquired cursed by him and also don't desire to need to go all the means to the Parish to unexecute it


The Maneater Shells simply exterior the area you fight Seath deserve to drop purging stones to eliminate your curse.

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The clams exterior his room frequently drop Purging Stones.

Run up and hit Seath a pair of times, then once you see him begin to prepare an strike, run as far ameans from him as you deserve to. Wait for the crystals to disappear, then run in and hit him some even more. Keep doing this till he dies.


If you have a weapon that has actually fire or simply a particularly tough hitting weapon, smash up his body inin between his crystal blasts.

Best method to kill him is go up to him, stick to his right side near his tail and also save wailing away. He'll begin to turn so you should move through him and stay on his tail, you need to be safe for the majority of the moment though.

If you beat Nito first, you can acquire the Paladin armor in his boss room. It has actually sufficient curse withstand to literally stand in the curse strike for the whole duration and not also fill up halfmeans.

Chop off the very tip of his tail, not the side-tentacles, the substantial rear one. Then simply remain behind him and also hack ameans. Oh, and also if you hadn't recognized around it yet, there's something you need to break so he can't heal.

Loads of humankind boots your curse resistance

He's straightforward though , run behind him and chop away at his massive tail. Roll out the way of the stomp attack

I just ran into the same worry. Faced him 3 times. First time, acquired massacred by the minions that I didn't clear before founding the fight (only happens the first encounter). Second time, I gained cursed and didn't also land a hit on him.

Third time, I rerelocated the curse (using item) equipped the anti-curse ring + numerous anti curse gear and also tried again. Ran behind him and also eliminated his rebirth totem thing. Then chopped amethod at his front torso and also backed off for his crystal beam. I don't think I took any type of damage from him and also never before even began to take a curse. I honestly don't understand what made the distinction...

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