Offering a Ride

When you offer a ride, girlfriend are supplying to give another person a drive on a pilgrimage you plan to take. You would use this function if you have actually a car and also you"re ready to give one more person a ride. (If you room NOT driving, please view "How execute I request a Ride?")

First – visit the "Find a Ride" widget.

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Start inputting in your destination. Together you do so, suggested matches because that your location will be presented below. Store typing… as soon as you view your destination, just select it. Then touch the arrowhead icon to proceed to the following step.

Now the widget will expand to ask her origin and also desired date and also time of arrival.


Select her "from" ar the same way as girlfriend did her "to" location – simply start typing and also pick native the list. As you pick your destination, you"ll check out your path mapped out.


Select your wanted date and time of arrival. If you have the right to drive, examine the "can drive" checkbox, and indicate even if it is you would want others to assist with the price if you are the driver.

If girlfriend can"t drive, that"s OK. You deserve to still search for others who can drive ~ above a trip comparable to yours.

Next, click "Search", and also matches for her ride request will certainly be presented below.

Carpool Matches

In the widget, if you have actually "Carpool" selected, and if friend did not select "can drive", then the matches will certainly be of people who space driving and willing to provide someone a ride. If girlfriend did select "can drive", then her matches will include other drivers and riders. If you enhance to an additional driver, it"s approximately the two of you to decide that will in reality drive.

If you are not however logged in, or you execute not have actually a profile, you will view a perform of possible carpool matches without call information.


If you room logged into your profile, friend will view the same list, but with the capacity to contact each person. Simply click the "request" button.


In one of two people case, girlfriend can click the person"s heat in the list, and also the map will present you where their expedition goes.

For every item in the list, girlfriend will see info about each driver"s trip.

If the other person is questioning you to add towards the expense of driving, you"ll check out the quantity requested. Note that our internet site does no collect any type of money or fee a fee. Any kind of payment in between you and also the driver is an plan strictly between the 2 of you.

If girlfriend would like to ask one of the civilization on your list come carpool, touch the "request" button. If you confirm, an email message will certainly be sent to the person, notifying the a person has asked to carpool. As soon as they log in in, castle will check out that you have asked to carpool, and they have the right to confirm or refuse the request.


If the other human confirms, you will certainly receive an email telling you so, with that person"s contact info. At that point, the 2 of you should call each other and work out any kind of remaining details.

Transit Matches

In the occasion that a carpool drive is no available, please check for public transit to acquire you to your destination.

Once you have actually selected your destination, origin, date and time, choose "Transit" in the widget. Climate click Search.

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Transit outcomes for your expedition will be presented below. For each, girlfriend may broaden the an outcome to see action by step details because that each transit pilgrimage plan.