They’re known as the Rybka twins v a social media adhering to of much more than 15 million, however there to be a minute that virtually ruined their career.

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If girlfriend haven’t heard of the Rybka twins climate ask your kids because they’re more than likely one that 15 million people who have.

Known as Sam and also Teagan, the passionate Youtubers, who hail from Perth, Australia, have managed to amass a society media trident-gaming.netplying with of an ext than 15 million world in just a few years.

That’s millions more than our really own pop icon Kylie Minogue and Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

How? just by sharing photos and video content trident-gaming.nete their greatly teenage demography on what lock do finest — acrobatics.


Perth twins Sam and Teagan Rybka, 24, are well known for their impressive stunts through a social media adhering to of much more than 15 million.

Described by your fans as being “awesome”, “super talented”, “stunning” and also “freaky”

the popular sisters turned their passion for dance, gymnastics, travel and fashion, into a very successful business, with their Youtube channel alone attracting 6.12 million subscribers.

“It’s crazy. Us absolutely had no idea or ever thought we’d be in this position. We just thought we had a really good opportunity and also we kinda fell into it,” Sam called

The charismatic and very energetic sisters an initial burst ~ above the scene earlier in 2013 when they appeared on Australia’s got Talent through a mind-blowing contortion act.

From then, they to be told by producers to produce their own Instagram page to help promote your time ~ above the show.

But tiny did they recognize it to be the start of something very big.

The Rybka twins hail from Perth, Australia.

“We just started posting images of us doing acrobatics, warm-ups and photos that wherever us travelled,” Teagan said. “We were getting around 11 likes in ~ one stage yet then it acquired in the thousands and that’s when we were prefer ‘Oh my god what the hell is walking on?’”

The girls quickly settled the best means to attract more followers to be to write-up regularly.

“From over there it simply started to punch up,” Teagan said.

And that has ongoing to perform so through the girls garnering numerous followers every week.

“The numbers just grew and grew and they proceed to grow and it’s stunner to think the so many world follow us and also enjoy our videos,” Sam said.

“We love that world tell united state were the reason they began dancing or also smiling the day after ~ going v something difficult — it’s in reality so crazy the lot of messages we acquire where civilization are informing us they feeling so much far better and so much happier after watching our videos.”

The girl made it to the semi-finals that AGT with their act being viewed more than 19 million time on Youtube and have because gone on to take trip the civilization to perform.

They do it trident-gaming.nete the semi finals on Australia’s got Talent in 2013. It to be the start of their explosive success.
They also appeared on us show, dance Moms critical year – including to their now 6.12 million Youtube subscribes. Below they’re pictured through dance teacher Abby Lee Miller.


The girls have had their fair share the challengers from damaged bones, to migraines and even gastro during trident-gaming.netpetitions. Yet there to be one moment that nearly ended Teagan’s dance career.

When she was 15 year old, she was told to offer up dancing after an x-ray revealed she had actually a tumour/ lesion on her leg.

“Sam and also I had actually been mucking approximately on the grass doing a whole heap of acro, particularly one trick us were trying again and also again — a no-handed somersault in the air trident-gaming.nete land on her feet,” Teagan revealed in their new book line It!

“While us were going this trick, I started noticing a ache in my leg.”

She ignored because that a pair of weeks but when the ache escalated she go to acquire it confirm out.

“It turned the end to it is in a lesion and also the physician said because that it to breakdown and heal, i was walk to need to stop dancing totally because dancing would placed too lot pressure ~ above the lesion.

“I to be devastated,” Teagan said.

However, after obtaining a second opinion native a sporting activities injury specliast Teagan was told she didn’t require to provide up dancing totally and just needed to take it easy.

But an additional x-ray revealed she lesion doubled in size and also she was diagnosed v a aneurysmal bone cyst.

She had a effective surgery to re

move it and was top top crutches for two months, followed by a moon boots for 3 months. “It take it a while because that my stamin to get earlier to normal,” she said,

“This to be a scary time in mine life. I got upset and frustrated, however I likewise worked difficult to capture up and be an even better dancer 보다 I to be before.

“It taught me no to offer up, even when points seem impossible.”


While the girls make it look easy, they say a lot go on behind the scene — consisting of training six hours a day and also teaching run classes.

“We train and dance a many ourselves as well so that’s what takes increase a lot of our time,” Teagan said.

The girls have actually never to be to a gym, having only just incorporated it into their schedule this year.

“We now go trident-gaming.nete the gym every morning — it’s cool to see what other civilization do and also how castle train because we have never been to the gym,” Sam said.

“One day we carry out cardio, the following day is resistance or circuit cultivate — we simply mix that up and also it yes, really helps v our dancing, keeping our body nice and also toned and also strong.”

Among every one of that, Sam and Teagan have additionally managed to find the time to relax their first ever book — Twinning It!

It offers fans insight into their life from juggling family, friends, dance and also how they get in addition to one another.


They girls share everything, revealing in their publication they had shared the same bedroom up until simply a few years ago.

“We trident-gaming.netmon a bedroom because that 21 years, however when our older brother relocated out, we each gained our space,” Sam said.

“This adjust was so exciting for both that us, however so weird in ~ the exact same time. Resting on our own for that countless years in the one room trident-gaming.nete a lot of of obtaining used also … now we love having actually out own rooms.”

Admittedly the girls claimed they skilled separation tension for the very first time if doing your Bachelor of Education.

“As part of our level requirement, we had to finish a valuable teaching aspect (ie prac) … this to be the first time we had ever before been required to different from each other and also focus top top ourselves.”

Still trident-gaming.nete this day, the girls who live at house with their mum, that is additionally an acrobat, share the exact same car.

“Still trident-gaming.nete this day, those pracs were the just ties in our lives we’ve spent trident-gaming.netpletely on our own.”

One glance v their social media feed and also you likewise will notice the twins dress precisely the same, describing their fashion feeling as “trendy”, “cute” and also “girly”.

“Teagan is an ext of a girl, so shell go because that the pinks and rose gold.”

Where together Sam opts for bright colours and is “more out there”.

“We have a r rule that whoever watch something first, or choose it up first, it s okay to wear the first,” Sam said.

When it pertains to make up, they additionally never leave the home without wearing mascara.

“It makes us look half decent in the morning,” Teagan claimed laughing.

‘WE ONLY write-up WHAT WE believe IN’

Given their strong social media following, the girls claimed they gain inundated with emails from human being wanting them to promote your products.

“We have to think in the product to climate share it that’s why we constantly get them trident-gaming.nete send the product to test it out and see what us think. Us really have to be every for the product — it’s never ‘yeah that’s paying great money let’s just do that’.

“It is really crucial we share stuff we think in and also love doing i m sorry we have done because day dot,” Sam said.

“We love being an excellent role models as well — when you short article online over there trident-gaming.netes a duty so it’s really important for us to be authentic.”

The girls expect to have a stint overseas, v their eyes collection on Los Angeles

“Everything is continue in LA and we kinda miss out on out over below in tiny Perth,” Teagan said.

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“But no matter just how much we take trip we are constantly so grateful to trident-gaming.nete home.

“Sam and I just cant believe we gain to carry out what we do everyday — us are just so thankful we have actually these trident-gaming.netmunication to share our talent and passion the we have actually been functioning on our entire lives, v the whole world. “