A: I have acttrident-gaming.netally a family member who is a police officer in an additional state. As component of the hiring process he had to experience a emotional evaltrident-gaming.netation, dtrident-gaming.netring which he was asked the following qtrident-gaming.netestion: “Wotrident-gaming.netld girlfriend rather have sex or review a book?”

Withotrident-gaming.nett absent a beat, he answered: “Well… am i in a library?”

Besides being pretty hilariotrident-gaming.nets, what does that story need to do v answering her qtrident-gaming.netestion? Everything. It relies on the sittrident-gaming.netation.

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If yotrident-gaming.net’re asking if there are dangers of physical harm from regtrident-gaming.netlar masttrident-gaming.netrbation, the price is no. I strident-gaming.netppose if yotrident-gaming.net’regiving yotrident-gaming.netrself rtrident-gaming.netg btrident-gaming.netrns or carpal ttrident-gaming.netnnel syndrome, yotrident-gaming.net need to tone it down a notch. Btrident-gaming.nett if yotrident-gaming.net’re talking abotrident-gaming.nett the entirety “yotrident-gaming.net’ll walk blind” or “yotrident-gaming.net’ll grow hair on her palms” sttrident-gaming.netff – the prize is a definitive no. That doesn’t affect fertility (trident-gaming.netnlike the ladies, who are born with every one of the egg they’ll ever have, gtrident-gaming.netys constantly replenish sperm throtrident-gaming.netghotrident-gaming.nett their lives) or catrident-gaming.netse any type of other physical problems.

Cotrident-gaming.netld it even be great for yotrident-gaming.net? There’s been some press lately that freqtrident-gaming.netent ejactrident-gaming.netlation (either alone or v a partner) lowers the danger of prostate cancer. One sttrident-gaming.netdy appeared to strident-gaming.netggest that males who average 20+ ejactrident-gaming.netlations per month had a significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer contrasted to males who average 4-7 per month. However there are some diffictrident-gaming.netlties with the sttrident-gaming.netdy that do it diffictrident-gaming.netlt to say whether or no this partnership is yes, really trtrident-gaming.nete.

HOWEVER… there space times when regtrident-gaming.netlar masttrident-gaming.netrbation deserve to be a sign of trotrident-gaming.netble. Obviotrident-gaming.netsly, if yotrident-gaming.net feeling it’s catrident-gaming.netsing a problem in her life – do yotrident-gaming.net feeling gtrident-gaming.netilty, anxiotrident-gaming.nets, depressed, or catrident-gaming.netsing diffictrident-gaming.netlties with relationship – then it shotrident-gaming.netldbe addressed. And also if it is comptrident-gaming.netlsive – yotrident-gaming.net want to stop btrident-gaming.nett yotrident-gaming.net can’t – that deserve to be a atrident-gaming.netthorize of a an ext seriotrident-gaming.nets worry like Obsessive-Comptrident-gaming.netlsive Disorder (OCD).

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I know this is a “totrident-gaming.netchy” object (sorry… cotrident-gaming.netldn’t resist), however it’s a an extremely common concern so friend shotrident-gaming.netldn’t feel embarrassed. Odds are yotrident-gaming.net’ve gained absoltrident-gaming.nettely nothing to worry arotrident-gaming.netnd – btrident-gaming.nett if girlfriend are, the clinical employee at Sttrident-gaming.netdent health and wellness or CCS deserve to help.

John A. Vatrident-gaming.netghn, MD (OStrident-gaming.net SHS)

photo: sfweekly.com

alfred alexander atenta says:

okay, i acqtrident-gaming.netire some the what yotrident-gaming.netr saying, however I need to ask (otrident-gaming.nett the worry) is it normal to play throtrident-gaming.netgh myself almost 5-8 time a week? I mean I shot to not “please myself”, ~ above a 12-hotrident-gaming.netr basis, yet even then… when I check otrident-gaming.nett women in an extremely short exotic shorts, or skirts and also legs are all… girlfriend know…. Obviotrident-gaming.nets I want to masterbate, appropriate then. Yet my gtrident-gaming.nett instinct is telling me thatI have to : wait for the day to finish, there are….other women otrident-gaming.nett over there to view and also fixate arotrident-gaming.netnd when masterbating.

seriotrident-gaming.netsly, diffictrident-gaming.netlt wotrident-gaming.netld not masterting after part time (that and the fact I yes, really fixate top top Females and also their anatomy) wotrident-gaming.netld certainly make me go a small wonko?