In Microsoft Word friend can manage whether or no you desire to watch the white space characters in her document. This help to check you haven’t incorrectly inserted a tab where a space should have gone and vice versa.

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Generally, a tab is the exact same width together 4 to 5 spaces provided the font being offered equally sizes every character. Because that example, the Courier font’s tab equals 5 spaces, vice versa, the Arial font is 11 spaces to every tab when the font dimension for both is collection to 12.

As the font dimension increases, the variety of spaces per tab decreases

To see how countless spaces per tab for the font being supplied in Microsoft indigenous (Mac version), simply go to her Preferences pane and also on the View and select the following items:

Show tab and also white room characters in native document


In coding there are details languages such together Python wherein the indentation is very important, and also even if Python isn’t used it helps because that readability if her code has indentation.

Sublime text 3

If you are using few of the renowned text editor today, such together Sublime Text, you have a variety of choices in the food selection panel’s View choices to set the number of spaces every tab character will contain, and whether you want the tab character to be converted to spaces.

Here space the options easily accessible for setup your tab spacing making use of the menu:

Sublime message tab settings – collection your tab width to every little thing you like, default is 4
Why convert the tab character to spaces?

I have discovered it helpful to set this alternative whenever ns copying and also pasting code from my editor to the terminal. I’ve found the tab character deserve to make the pasted code in the terminal look fairly weird, and also therefore simply prefer to convert those tab personalities to spaces.

How to view white space characters in Sublime Text?

To view white an are characters in her Sublime text editor girlfriend will require to include the complying with line to your user preferences:

\"draw_white_space\": \"all\"


Another popular editor I usage is PyCharm, and also like Sublime text you can also view whitespace and collection the tab an are length.

To enable viewing the the white room character open up the preferences pane and also navigate to Editor > general > Appearance and within this home window you have to see the alternative to Show whitespaces:

Show whitespaces in PyCharm

To control the tab broad navigate to Editor > Code style > Python and also within this window make certain you’re looking at the Tabs and indents home window which will look as follows:

Set the tab size and select whether or not to usage the tab character


Coding software program such together Sublime Text and PyCharm set the default tab width to 4 spaces and provide the possibility for the user to convert those tab personalities to spaces. Microsoft Word despite does not afford this high-end as you room bound come the form of font used as we have shown in between the two well-known fonts Courier and Arial, and the size of those fonts.

All programs do administer the capacity to watch your white space characters making it less complicated to view the kind of white space entered.


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