Astral Chain is out now, and takes about as long to beat as Nier: Automata, unless you hit up every side case.

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To close out August, Astral Chain has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Bayonetta and NieR: Automata developer PlatinumGames, Astral Chain was one of the more anticipated original titles of 2019. Nintendo quickly captivated audiences during the game"s reveal back in February. As for the game"s post-release hype, it has certainly not died down. Its Metacritic score is 87, putting it as the highest-rated game of August. One question potential buyers (as well as those currently playing) might be asking is how long Astral Chain is.

Difficulty Levels

Before getting into specific hours, it"s important to know that Astral Chain can be played under three difficulties: Unchained, Casual, and Pt. Standard. There is also Pt. Ultimate, but this is only available per level after you beat a given level, so it"s not relevant when discussing how long the game is the first time around. The game will likely go quicker if you"re playing Unchained, but the chapters are lengthy no matter what.

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So How Long Will It Take To Beat Astral Chain

On Causal or Pt. Standard, Astral Chain will run 18-20 hours. Fans who enjoyed the length of NieR: Automata will feel right at home. Of course, the game has bonus content as well. Chances are you will be accomplishing side cases as you go, but upon loading chapter 12, there will be other challenges as well. If you have purposely avoided as many side cases as possible, the game might run up to another 10 hours. It"s best to accomplish the cases as you go if you"re aiming to fully complete the game, otherwise you will have to jump back into the files again later to complete them.

Those worried that Astral Chain would be on the shorter side can rest easy; the game packs a ton of content and is easily worth the purchase. There are costumes to unlock, skill trees to max out, and plenty of civilians to help. Those looking for a challenge can play the levels on Pt. Ultimate. There are no Revival Batteries in this mode, so it will test even the most seasoned of action game fans. Meanwhile, Pt. Standard offers a genuine challenge while not being overly difficult.

Astral Chain is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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