Basketball Wives star, Jackie Christie has actually been checked out with few of her youngsters on the fact show, leading fans to ask just how many kids she has. She has actually three children total, two through Doug Christie and one from a vault relationship. She daughter from a vault relationship, Ta’Kari Lee, newly started a GoFundMe account for she son.

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Ta’Kari Lee

Jackie’s an initial child, Ta’Kari, to be born on august 24, 1990 and also is currently 26-years-old.

Sacramento emperors forward, Matt Barnes donated $3,000 come Christie’s grandson. Jackie has been receiving an adverse messages since people heard the her daughter’s boy was hurt at school and also she refuse to help. Ta’Kari Lee, Jackie’s oldest child, created the GoFundMe web page to assist cover her son’s clinical expenses.

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Chantel Christie

Douglas Christie Jr.

Douglas Christie Jr. To be born on in march 1, 2001 and is right now 16-years-old. The was viewed on the family’s 2006 truth show, The Christies: Committed. His Twitter account reflects that he’s a serious NBA fan, similar to his father. We’d love to view him monitor his dad’s footsteps and also play in the NBA one day!
Jackie Christie Grandson

Jackie Christie Granddaughter

In January 2017, Chantel and also her ex-boyfriend, Stacy Davis, welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Chantel’s bundle of joy, Saniyah, will certainly make an illustration on Basketball Wives. We’re hoping the Christie household will keep baby Saniyah far from the drama. Would certainly you leave Jackie alone v your child?
Jackie Christie Granddaughter

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