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The pros:  trader Joe"s Cinnamon Broom is a solid cinnamon broom shame air freshener that will make a room (or two) smell favor cinnamon because that a long period of time.

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The cons: This is a seasonal product, therefore if you desire one they room only around for so long. Also, if you were hoping this is make from bark the a cinnamon tree, you are mistaken. This is fragranced from cinnamon oil. If you space using this in a little or confined room the the aroma might be overpowering.

The verdict: i walked previous this item last year. I was not going to do the same mistake this year. Over there is miscellaneous special about the smell of cinnamon. This has actually it. If this only has cinnamon oil in it and not yes, really cinnamon, prior to you also unwrap this you have the right to smell how solid it really is. Now, ns personally spend a great amount that money in stores choose Bath and also Body works. Most regularly I spend money on candles or wait fresheners. Not that my home stinks, however I like to walk into my home and also take a deep breath and also say, "Ahhhhhhhhh."

Now, the an initial broom ns picked up because that the season was practically two main ago. My home still smells strongly of cinnamon. When I open the door that is the smell i get. However, mine home has actually a pretty open up floor setup which allows the aroma come waft through the enntrance gate way, living room, and also kitchen. When it"s not fairly as potent as it was last week, it seems favor it will last at the very least until the finish of the month.

The packaging is limited to just a sticker on the plastic bag it come in. However, in trader Joe"s layout there is a reference on the package to a Mr. Swift. In fact, upon closer investigate of the brand this product can actually be referred to as "Meditation top top a Cinnamon Broom." The Mr. Swift is in reality referring to the same writer who penned Gulliver"s Travels, Jonathan Swift. The work-related being referenced right here is called Meditation top top a Broomstick which ironically is satire and also parody. Therefore, trader Joe"s is make a parody the a parody by express the work in the packaging.

I"ve been so impression by this brooms that I"ve actually bought two extr brooms for my classroom. Normally, I have some form of plugin (ok prefer two or three of them in ~ a time plugged in) in ~ school. I work with middle school kids. My children have gym first period. Anyone that has ever been approximately middle school kids understands the struggle. Needless come say wait fresheners space a life saver in mine room. Any type of air freshener i have ever used as only survived about two weeks at most. Mine classroom has actually the same qualities of other classrooms the were developed during FDR"s new Deal: high ceilings, nail marks in the timber floors native when desks were nailed come the floor, wood molding in the closets describe day and night school. In various other words, mine room has actually quite a little bit of room once you take into consideration the ceilings. I"ll upgrade this testimonial as ns go along. Because that what i would invest on a solitary wallflower in ~ Bath and Body Works, this can be a much superior value. However, the very first day the kids loved the odor of the room. Through the 2nd week, it"s aroma had faded. I have actually heard of human being using crucial oils to give this a refresh.

For $3.99 this is a good item if girlfriend love and adore the odor of cinnamon. If friend don"t prefer cinnamon, then steer clean of this product. Also, if friend have small children or pets that have to bite right into everything, climate I would certainly skip this product. Otherwise, if you reap a an excellent air freshener, then this is a solid one to reach for.

Here is the visual operation down that what you get if you buy this product:

Trader Joe"s Cinnamon Broom in mine classroom:


Would ns buy this again?  Yes, ns wish this were sold throughout the year. I love the smell of cinnamon and also these have been a lovely enhancement to my home (and work).

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