I"m wondering exactly how to obtain a 1-Hit kill on an Enderman. I observed Somone ~ above YouTube death an Enderman in 1 hit v a melon slice. Walk this or any other way work? noþeles helps!



If you witnessed that in an Etho"s rap video, he built an Endermen farm yard in the sky. The Endermen autumn 42 or 43 blocks and that brings their health down to half a heart, therefore they can be one-hit killed. LP illustration 151 shows the process of building it and also LP illustration 152 shows just how it is working.

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The endermen space unlike various other mobs in that there one hit kill fall damages is no 23 block in height however 43. 44 and also 45 will ensure a fall-damage kill, while 42 or 43 will allow for a one hit kill. If you'd favor proof that this, watch my videos at user/letsplaymc2013
You can"t 1h KO an Enderman through a melon slice.


A) The melon part is enchanted. Even with the potion of strength II, a hit from a Melon Slice will certainly in no method kill the Enderman in one hit, also with a critical. Because you don"t have a video, I"m assuming the melon part was enchancted with, persay, a sharpness. And also since girlfriend can"t enchant melon slices normally, it leads to:

B) The enderman were dropped a significant distance sufficient to not almost kill them, yet drop them down to fifty percent a heart, wherein a melon would certainly instantly death them ~ above click.

Other 보다 that, there is no other way to 1HKO an Enderman.

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In addition to fall damage, a second method to "soften" Endermen therefore they are a one-hit death is with suffocation damage.

Sethbling explains how to develop a "poor man"s Enderman farm" by suffocating the Endermen v solid blocks on sticky pistons:

If girlfriend feel favor experimenting, girlfriend should be able to hook the mechanism up come a lengthy timer that automatically extends and also retracts the pistons.

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