The day of the Dead has actually been growing in popularity. Initially, it was celebrated in just a couple of regions that Mexico. It has spread to various other Latin American countries and areas of the United states with a huge Mexican population. In Brazil, the solemn event is referred to as Finados.

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Because the job of the Dead is currently rather wide-ranging, it is tough to come up v a common phrase that most people use throughout this celebration event in late October and also early November. Additionally, some human being say that since the holiday is meant for the deceased, over there is no ideal greeting come speak to the living.

We understand this doesn’t assist you, since you clicked ~ above this attach to learn ideal phrases come say top top the job of the Dead. Friend may even have a box of empty Day of the Dead greeting cards in front of you come send out to her family and also friends, and you want to know what emotion to create inside. It likewise doesn’t help you craft a perfect social media write-up on this distinct day.

So also though these suggestions have nothing to carry out with tradition, they room still beloved sentiments come share through others commemorating the resides of their loved ones.

Day the the Dead Greetings because that Cards


Many day of the Dead greeting cards space decorated v elaborately designed skeletons, crosses, and images of cemeteries. Part are empty inside and also simply to speak “Day the the Dead” on the front.

Here room some think to consider writing ~ above the within of the work of the Dead cards.

1. “Thinking the you as you memory the life of her wonderful mother.”

Since the job of the Dead is set aside to commemorate the lives of those who have actually gone prior to us, it makes sense that you would call out one specific life once sending a card to a friend.

2. “Do no stand in ~ my grave and weep. I am not there. I carry out not sleep.” —Mary Frye

If you understand anything about the work of the Dead, you know that that is a celebration. If there may be tears shed when sharing touching memories that the deceased, overall, it is a time for dancing, feasting, and drinking.

3. “I expect you reap the work of the Dead celebration.”

In some cultures, put the indigenous “enjoy” and also “dead” in the very same sentence might sound awkward. But those who attend day of the Dead occasions would call them “festivities.” If you’ve never been to Day of the Dead events before, this may be one of the hardest points to grasp.

4. “There is an ext time than life.”

There is an underlying belief in most Day the the Dead occasions that the deceased’s soul is quiet alive. That’s why the speak “there is an ext time 보다 life” is an ideal greeting to create on a card.

5. “Greetings to You on the job of the Dead.”

Sometimes “greeting” cards are simply excuses come “greet” or speak “hello” to friends and also family. They may not hold any kind of special instructions. Just as you can send a card with a bunny on it the says, “Greetings come You on Easter,” girlfriend could also send a card v a skull on it that claims “Greeting to You top top the work of the Dead.”

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Day that the Dead Greetings come Say Face-to-Face

Those who have actually attended job of the Dead celebrations explain them as large parties. Here are some points you might hear at these unique celebrations.

6. “Feliz día de los Muertos.”

Those that passed at least one semester of high school Spanish should be able to figure the end that this phrase translates to “Happy day of the Dead!” although you can purchase cards with this expression on the front, the is not clear whether or not world actually say this at Day of the Dead festivities.

7. “Trick or Treat”

The American practice of cheat or treating has made its means into some Day of the Dead celebrations, so you may hear “trick or treat” when attending the festivities.

8. Calaveritas

Literary calaveritas refer to rhyming poems that room written specifically for the work of the Dead. This Day the the Dead poems are usually mocking verses and can it is in written around one’s self, friends, life politicians, or famous civilization of the day. You may hear calaveritas gift recited in ~ Day of the Dead celebrations.

9. “He’s no longer suffering.”

Don’t forget. In ~ its heart, the day of the Dead is a day to commemorate those who are deceased. As you take into consideration the life the someone newly past, you may share positive, heartfelt message that will remind the mourner that fatality isn’t the “end.”

10. “Do friend remember . . .”

Those that attend work of the Dead or every Souls’ day celebrations say that attendees are encouraged to re-superstructure memories that those who have passed. This is a lovely way to keep a person’s memory alive.

Day the the Dead Greetings for Social Media


It is now typical for world to commemorate death anniversaries and also the birthdays of the deceased on society media. Similarly, you could also send job of the Dead Greetings on facebook or Instagram. Take into consideration posting among the following.

11. “Memories store Us Alive”

Post this saying together with the classic image that a to dance skeleton ~ above the day of the Dead. Hopefully, this article will remind others the it is vital to share distinct memories around the deceased, especially to the younger generation.

12. “Thinking of mine dad today.”

You may post a photo of a recently-deceased household member top top the work of the Dead. This an easy statement can accompany the image. You might want to include the hashtag #DayoftheDead to help people do the connection.

13. “Whose life carry out you celebrate today?”

Ask your social media followers to connect with friend by questioning whose life lock remember on the day of the Dead. Encourage others to article photos and share storage of the deceased to have actually a virtual celebration.

14. “Death is not the the contrary of life, however a component of it.” —Haruki Murakami

Although this quote would certainly be more satisfying to share if a Spanish-speaking writer declared it, this sentiment describes the job of the Dead in a nutshell.

15. “Death end a life, not a relationship.” —Jack Lemmon

One thing that us love about the work of the Dead is that the deceased room still treated like members the the family. This principle is not common in every culture.

What carry out You say on The work of the Dead?

If you have attended a job of the Dead ceremony, what phrases did girlfriend hear? Did people greet each other with “Happy work of the Dead!”? when this might be an ideal greeting, it may sound weird to have actually “happy” and also “dead” show up so close together in the exact same sentence.

Whether friend celebrate work of the Dead or Memorial Day, how do friend remember the family members you have lost? do you proceed traditions that were important to them? carry out you cook foods the method they chosen them prepared? execute you ar flowers on your loved one’s tomb or spend the anniversary the their death volunteering? carry out you re-superstructure memories of your loved one with various other members of your family?

There room a lot of different ways to commemorate the lives of those who have passed. It seems that the Mexican variation of mental the deceased is the most fun.

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