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Battlefield 1 is amongst the best brand-new games the the fall, a visceral and also fast-paced virtual multiplayer shooter that’s attracting numerous players to its online servers. However for many of those players, especially those brand-new to the series, the system through which users achieve Battlepacks, weapons, weapon skins, and also other items is a little confusing. Battlepacks, because that instance, are purchased utilizing scraps, yet what exactly are scraps, and also how execute you gain them?

Here’s how every one of this works: Basically, Battlepacks are offered to random players at the conclusion of each match, and those packs contain weapon skins. The other means of acquiring Battlepacks is to acquisition them using scraps. Scraps can only be acquired by getting rid of weapon skin you have received with Battlepacks. This is the only method you can acquire Battlepacks various other than being randomly gifted them in ~ the end of matches.

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Basically, then, as soon as you’re lucky sufficient to gain a Battlepack, go with it and see what skin you want and also what skins you don’t, or what skins you already have. Then, remove the ones friend don’t need, gain scraps, and eventually you’ll have enough scraps to get a whole new Battlepack.

To tear down several of your unneeded weapon skins for scraps, here’s what you must do:

From the main menu, head come the “more” tabSelect “Battlepacks”Head come the “inventory” tabFind the weapon skin you’d prefer to acquire rid of. Once you highlight a weapon skin, the game will tell friend how many scraps it’s worthPress whatever switch corresponds to scraping the weapon item; obviously, it’s different on PS4, Xbox One and also PCHit “OK”

While you’re in the “more” menu, you deserve to see her inventory that scraps on the top right corner of the screen. The only purpose that scraps is to buy Battlepacks, and there space three types: consistent Battlepacks, enhanced Battlepacks, and Superior Battlepacks. Each of the package only gives you a single skin, however Superior Battlepacks have a much better chance of containing a legend skin than the continuous packs, and Superior Battlepacks always give friend a legend skin. Magnified Battlepacks likewise sometimes provide you a melee weapon piece or one XP boost, and also a superior Battlepack has actually an even greater chance of offering you those 2 things.

It’s important to keep in mind that Battlepacks do not contain actual weapons; they just contain weapon skins. The tools themselves room purchased utilizing War Bonds, and also you deserve to only obtain those bond by leveling your method through the game.

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Also precious noting is just how the “revision” device works. Girlfriend may have actually noticed that next to the Battlepacks, you’ll view a menu identifying weapons that are consisted of in a details revision. Every revision is usually a collection of skin that you deserve to possibly get from Battlepacks, and they’re constantly gift rotated. Things started off with Revision 1 in ~ launch, but on October 27th, revision 2 went live. Depending upon when you open up a Battlepack, then, there may be an entirely different collection that weapon skin possibilities.