The Warzone Juggernaut mode was introduced to Call of Duty Warzone a while ago now, but it returns periodically. It takes the standard Call of Duty Warzone formula and adds a twist in the form of an enormous Juggernaut suit, something found in both the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer and Spec Ops modes. Here"s all you need to know about the Warzone Juggernaut mode and how to kill someone using the Juggernaut suit.

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Fight over Juggernaut armor drops in Verdansk and be the last team standing in Juggernaut Royale Trios, live now in #Warzone until Tuesday, July 7th! 2, 2020

Warzone Juggernaut Royale actually works a lot like the standard battle royale affair. 150 players dive onto the map and the last player or team standing wins the game. The difference this time is that not long after the start of the match, a Juggernaut suit will land on the map. The location will be highlighted on the minimap and known to everybody in the game, but the first person to reach it will get to wear the Juggernaut suit.

Do you remember the Thanos mode from Fortnite? This is quite similar, because the Juggernaut is equipped with an insanely powerful weapon in the form of the minigun, along with much more armor, making them very hard to take down. Don"t just hop in a vehicle and try to run them over either, because the Juggernaut can take down vehicles with ease thanks to the minigun.

As you"d expect, it is absolute chaos when the suit first drops in. You can either rush to be the first person in the suit and have players hunting you down all game long, or you can bide your time and strike when the Juggernaut is weak. When the person wearing the Juggernaut suit dies, a new one will spawn somewhere on the map and they"ll go to the Gulag as usual.

How to kill the juggernaut in Warzone

If you know you"re going to be facing off against the Juggernaut at some point, save your killstreaks and launchers because they"re one of the best ways to take it down. Anyone playing as the Juggernaut moves considerably slower than a usual soldier so use that against them by taking advantages of cover. If you"re caught out in the open then just keep moving to try and throw off the miniguns" aim, and keep your distance to minimize it"s accuracy. It"s also easy for a Juggernaut to get trapped outside of the safe zone because of it"s speed so keeping it busy might be just lethal as trying to shoot it.

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