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Why Can"t I host All this Limes? is photo macro collection featuring a male attempting to carry several limes in his hands while they appear to it is in falling indigenous his grasp. Derivatives often feature other personalities failing come secure a variety of objects.

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The picture of the male holding the limes comes from a photo of a display advertisement for George clothing, possibly from a Walmart.

George is the name of a apparel brand name owned through the british supermarket ASDA (ASquith DAiries), who are owned by Wal-Mart. The factor he is stop limes is to look friendly and additionally because ASDA has actually the colour environment-friendly traditionally. <1>

KYM User Morgan Lowe make the following statement about the origin:

Wow, ~ above april 12th that 2010, my family and I to be at walmart. I experienced the advertisement and believed wow just how stupid… Limes? of all things LIMES?!?! LOL ns tooke a pic with my phone and also uploaded it to facebook. I guess other civilization did the very same haha never would have thought it would certainly be a meme! i flipped out when I saw this since of every the laughs around it haha great times.

The an initial image macros room suspected to have actually come indigenous 4chan, but there space no archived threads to check this.


The picture macro v the overlaid message "Why can"t I hold all these limes?" to be posted to Funny Junk <2> top top July 24th, 2010. A environment-friendly Oval object <3> in the Anime / Mango board was created on respectable 25th, and also featured numerous limes guy derivatives. A Yahoo! Answers inquiry <4> was developed on September 2nd, 2010. A Reddit object <1> was posted on November 13th, 2010 v a picture of the screen ad. In February 2011 a Canv.as thread was started.<5>

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