Quiet is easily my favourite friend in MGS 5 however using her in objectives takes some acquiring used. The video game provides a minimal number of clues to her intake so in this guide I"ll define exactly just how to regulate Quiet and get the finest out the her.The first thing that comes together a surprise with Quiet is that she"s not your common human buddy. She won"t monitor you approximately like a bodyguard. Don"t make the wrong of opened the paper definition menu and also selecting the Quiet choice - this doesn"t make her follow you or record you up.Quiet is much more of a tactical buddy the you deserve to deploy at predesignated areas on the map - sniping points. From here, she takes increase a sniping position offering both recon and attacking choices for a details area.

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When to use Quiet

Once deployed to a Sniping Point, Quiet has a number of context menu options, some of which room unlocked together you boost the link level. The two straightforward options are:Fire - which renders Quiet usage her sniper rifle, either lethal or tranq because that non-lethalQuiet - which provides Quiet protect against shooting (it does no make she follow you or move positions)Other alternatives such together Take Aim and Cover Me are unlocked later in the game.

Marking enemies

Appropriate noting of adversaries will aid Quiet know which targets you want to transaction with. When you give the Fire order, Quiet will assault these targets together a priority, in the order you mark them. If friend fail to mark any type of enemies prior to giving the order climate Quiet will use her judgement to strike targets which one of two people pose a hazard to you or those that room within range.

Stopping Quiet

As shown on the content menu above, the Quiet food selection option will tell Quiet to immediately stop what she"s doing. This is an especially useful if you desire Quiet to protect against targetting enemies so a combat or alert status have the right to be reduced; gunfire will of course proceed to progressive the guards uncertainty until it stops completely.

Moving Quiet

Quiet will sometimes move when she comes under attack, forcing she to either take cover or dash throughout the landscape looking for another sniping position. She will additionally hop between sniping clues in near proximity.As far as I might tell there"s no method to pressure Quiet to move to a place without opened up the iDroid and deploying the Quiet buddy to a brand-new sniping allude on the map. She will follow you come the closet allude but moving lengthy distance needs the iDroid.There"s additionally the prestige of recon - if friend don"t check out an area climate you won"t unveil new sniping points for Quiet to use. She won"t simply scout a base herself looking for new sniping points - you need to assist her.

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Fire choice is grayed out, why?

Sometimes friend will open the context menu, wanting to select Quiet"s Fire option only for the to be disabled (grayed out). The explanation because that this is simple, one of two people she"s in the center of shoot the enemy or targets are out of range.It appears that as you relocate closer come enemies, the Fire choice becomes available. Therefore, friend can"t mark a tonne that enemies, deploy Quiet and also then leaving the scene - girlfriend still need to be component of the action.