We all understand those casual, mom and pop owned spots that may not have actually the best Instagram aesthetic however you can always count ~ above them because that bomb bites. This places can be hard to find if friend don"t recognize where come start, but look no further— us rounded increase the best, no-frills surprise gems approximately the Bay for this reason you deserve to stop looking and also start eating.

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San Francisco


Aria korean Street Food

(932 Larkin St. // Tenderloin)

If you"ve never had actually Korean fried chicken, you"re missing out top top crispy crunchy goodness! choose either Sweet & Spicy glaze or Garlic soybean beans Sauce come smother these hot ones and enjoy v kimbap (think sushi but with meat and pickled veggies). Agree tip— examine out their website for a an enig menu choice like the Spicy Pork Stir fry Ramen.

Hot Sauce and also Panko

(1468 Hyde St. // nob Hill)

They"ve got wings and waffles for days at this nob Hill dive. Plenty of flavor options and a waffle combo because that $10.99 make this meal a no-brainer.

Dol Ho

(808 Pacific Ave // Chinatown)

With every the dim amount joints in Chinatown, it"s tough to recognize which to choose. Monitor the yonsei locals come Dol Ho whereby you can gain a bang for her buck ~ above delicious bowl of steamed dumplings and also buns galore.


By Pravin Prakash Via Google

Box Kitchen

(431 Natoma St. // SoMa)

Connected to tempest Bar best off of 5th Street, this literal hole in the wall serves up few of the ideal bar food in the city. Bespeak a Waffle Monte Cristo Sando and also Cajun Fries at the window then popular music a squat ~ above the sidewalk or take it it inside to munch top top in between rounds the pool.

Tú Lan

(8 sixth St. // SoMa)

This cozy Vietnamese restaurant has actually been approximately since 1977 and also for an excellent reason— the pho, feather rolls, and Julia Child-approved Lemon Beef Salad space mind-blowingly good. Go during off time to stop the wait or examine out miss SaiGon additional down sixth Street for just as amazing oriental fare with more room for this reason you deserve to order much more food.


(521A 3rd St. // southern Park)

Inspired by SF"s own melting pot that cultures, HRD whips out Asian blend like no one"s business with kimchee burritos, banh mi wraps, and an ext to fill you up.


(3406 18th St. // Mission)

A Burmese-Chinese joint full of noodles, curry, and also soups through nothing priced over $6.50? to speak no more. Get the residence Noodles and Tea leaf Salad and also your tastebuds will say thanks to you. Cash only!

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East Bay


Via 510Foodie

Jeepney male at 7th West

(1255 7th St. // Oakland)

Street food and also Filipino cuisine walk hand in hand however Jeepney man puts a twisted on well-loved dishes prefer lumpia with Braised Pork Adobo and Caramelized Onions or a Lechon sandwich with slow-roasted pork belly and also Adobo au jus dipping sauce.

Gypsy"s Trattoria Italiana

(2519 Durant Ave Ste A // Berkeley)

The dive might be overrun through CAL students however with same prices and also generous parts of cheese and carbs, what"s not to love? The Godfather is a city favorite v chicken, pancetta, and egg in a cheesy cream sauce over penne pasta.

Tian Jin Dumplings

(989 Franklin St. Ste B // Oakland)

Don"t it is in fooled by the limited menu selections because Tian Jin does it right. Homemade soy milk, jianbing or egg crepes, wonton soup, and also tea eggs room all you require for a simple, really Chinese meal. (Sad note: they don"t actually offer dumplings anymore)


By easy Creole Via Google

Easy creole

(1761 Alcatraz Ave // Berkeley)

Easy Creole renders for easy meals when all their choices are equally well-seasoned and mouth-watering. You have the right to sample the dishes prior to ordering yet don"t skip the cornbread!

The hot Shop

(909 san Pablo Ave // Albany)

Afghan and Mexican seasonings come with each other in perfect harmony through gigantic burritos that are additionally Halal. It"s cash-only so it is in prepared and don"t miss out ~ above the tropical Burrito and also its sweet and savory honey curry sauce that is making our mouths water just thinking about it.

Tijuana Restaurant

(1308 global Blvd // east Oakland)

Cross the border without leaving the Bay with high-quality mexican eats. Stand out dishes incorporate the totality fried snapper fish through garlic butter and the tacos Dorados Plate.

North Bay


Via solar Food

Sol Food

(401 miller Ave // Mill Valley)

Get prepared for Puerto Rican grub. Their level pressed sandwiches and also savory steak through onions are sure to to fill you up. To wash it every down v their refresh Ponche— your take on one Arnold Palmer with orange-mango iced tea and limeade.

Smokin Bowls

(295 Southwest Blvd // Rohnert Park)

Strip mall eateries are often hit or miss, and this ar is right on target v their comfort food bowls and also salads. Indulge in your Loaded Pizza Fries or opt because that a lighter Greek Salad. Every little thing on the food selection is also gluten-free!

Fry Bread Shop

(521 W nine St. // Santa Rosa)

Tucked inside Harry"s industry convenience store, this shop place a contemporary twist on traditional Native American fried food bread. Walk for the massive Super indigenous Cali Taco with all the fixings to add avocado or a an individual Fry Bread Pizza.

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Peninsula + southern Bay


Starbread Via google

Starbread Bakery

(2211 Gellert Blvd // southern San Francisco)

Senorita (bread), i feel for you. If you"ve never had actually it, they"re pillowy soft, bite-sized pieces of bread filled with butter and sugar. They"re so simple yet therefore delicious and are baked new to order. Shot not come eat the whole box top top your method home, however we won"t judge if you do.

Snack Corner

(70 Saratoga Ave // Santa Clara)

In a plain building shared through a korean spa and also no indications of a restaurant in ~ all, this one"s easy to miss. Look for the picnic tables under the foliage because that the entrance to one-man-band prepping bento boxes for days. Pro pointer — speak to in your order for pickup prior to they market out that juicy beef bulgogi or soft teriyaki eel.

Cafe Colma

(1700 Hillside // Colma)

Open 24/7 inside of Lucky possibilities Casino, you don"t must be 21 to ar your bets that whatever on your Filipino-Chinese-American food selection smacks. The Tosilog plate contains your an option of white or garlic fried rice, two eggs her way, a side of tomatoes, and also tocino (Filipino-style bacon).

By Sergio Odintsov Via Google


(10 S Abbott Ave // Milpitas)

This is Filipino comfort food at its finest. Meat lovers deserve to savor the juicy pork barbecue skewers, lechon or entirety roasted pig, and also chicken adobo. Don"t forget the rice!

Back A garden Caribbean American Grill

(1189 pasture Rd // Menlo Park)

Can"t make it come the islands? carry the island vibes to you with ultra flavorful Jerk Chicken and Oxtail combo v Coconut Rice and also Fried Plantains.

El Farolito Taqueria

(394 cool Ave // southern San Francisco)

As a just Area staple, this south city location doesn"t disappoint with better chances of recognize parking contrasted to that is Mission spots. Substantial burritos stuffed v carnitas and fire salsa verde space all you require for your Mexican cravings.

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Whether you require a rest from the crowded, trendy warm spots or a rapid bite to store you going, these eateries are sure to to fill you up there is no draining your wallets. Next time you pass by an obscure restaurant, give it a shot because who knows, it might be the next finest thing.

Written through Kristine Dizon

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