A High school Boy without friends, Odamori Tooru reincarnated right into Fantasy people after a bus accident on a School field Trip. The project that was drawn, 『Slavemancer』a Cheat occupation that dominates the psychic of other.

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Tooru starts to instantly enslave women v that power. However, a Bishoujo that a classmate who similarly reincarnated, Himeno Kirika is a 『Princess Knight』of Justice who has showed up before Tooru…

「Once this happens a former Classmate, Adventurer, one Elf, A Demon, a Princess, every one of these will be accumulated as slaves!」

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Vol. 4 Ch.76
2 years ago
My Classmate is a Princess Knight! ~ Different civilization Cheat starting an Enslaved Harem~,姫騎士がクラスメート! 〜異世界チートで奴隷化ハーレム〜
Web Novel
Yoshizawa Megane
Original Publishers
Kill Time Communication, Syosetu
Total Chapters
4 LN quantities (Ongoing)3 WN quantities (Hiatus)
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Vol. 4 Ch.76 (2 years ago)
Action: A work generally depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and also fast paced motion.\" class=\"chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Action
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Ecchi: maybe the line between hentai and non-hentai, ecchi usually refers to fanservice put in to lure a specific group that fans.\" class=\"chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Ecchi
Fantasy: Anything the involves, yet not minimal to, magic, dream world, and fairy tales.\" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Fantasy
Harem: A collection involving one male character and many female characters (usually attracted to the male character). A reverse Harem is as soon as the genders space reversed.\" class=\"chip environment-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Harem
Mature: has subject matter which may be too too much for world under the period of 17. Content that deals with mature themes not an ideal for a younger audience.\" class=\"chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Mature
Romance: any love associated story.\" class=\"chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Romance
Seinen: Seinen way 'Young Man.' Novels that especially targets young adult males roughly the periods of 18 to 25 are Seinen titles. Commonly the story lines deal with the issues of adulthood.\" class=\"chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Seinen
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Demons: Beings the possess person like appearance, but are of one more race other than human and usually own strength greater than a consistent human. Sometimes shown as an evil or a gyeongju that's an excellent at dark arts in fantasy, and others as beast that have actually surpassed a details level of cultivation in xiaxia and xuanhuan.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Demons
Elves: This tags is come be supplied if the Elven race exist within the story and also an Elve is one of two people the protagonist or either among his companions/friends/Lovers\" class=\"chip green mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Elves
Enemies end up being Lovers: Tag come be used when sometime in the storyline, an adversary of the key character eventually come to be his or she lover.\" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Enemies become Lovers
Fantasy World: any kind of novel the takes location in a world where over there is magic, elves, demons, and other typical fantasy aspects can have actually this tags listed.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Fantasy World
Fellatio: The oral stimulation that a man's penis.\" class=\"chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Fellatio
First-time Intercourse: lose of virginity, one of two people consensual or not. Mainly used in R18 novels.\" class=\"chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">First-time Intercourse
Game Elements: Protagonist has actually a status display or something comparable to it.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Game Elements
Golems: This tag suggests thee visibility of Golems in plot necessary roles in the story. A Golem deserve to be claimed to be an anthropomorphic creature the is comprised of inanimate products like clay, rocks etc. This is not to be confused with the Automatons tag. Also, the usage of the Golems sign will count on the term provided by the author.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Golems
Heroes: sign is come be supplied ONLY if the protagonist the the series is a heroe (definition may vary based on novel). If the series has many protagonists, only use this tag if being a heroe is a prominent feature of one of them.\" class=\"chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Heroes
Knights: tag is come be used if the novel functions knights prominently in the storyline. The main character is not forced to it is in one. \" class=\"chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Knights
Level System: This tag is offered when the characters of the novel boost their abilities/skills/power by leveling up.\" class=\"chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Level System
Loli: This sign is to be supplied ONLY when either the protagonist, or one of the love understand of the protagonist is a loli. It is not recommended to use this tags for other characters, no issue how important their duty is. A loli is a quick girl that looks like a child, no matter exactly how much she real age is. \" class=\"chip environment-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Loli
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Masochistic Characters: No an interpretation found.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Masochistic Characters
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Reverse Rape: This sign is to be provided if a woman forcibly has sex v a male in the story. One of two people the male or the female must be the protagonist.\" class=\"chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Reverse Rape
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Sex Slaves: No definition found.\" class=\"chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Sex Slaves
Slave Harem: This tag method that the protagonist has a harem that is composed, wholly or in part, of slaves he/she owns.\" class=\"chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Slave Harem
Slaves: test\" class=\"chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Slaves
Tsundere: It describes the visibility of a character that is excessively shy in the direction of romance, and outwardly reflects themselves to be uninterested in their romantic crush/partner. \" class=\"chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Tsundere
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Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~, develop or Download EPUB and also PDF
The twenty eight year old Toudou, Masaki was a GM (Game Master) of a certain MMO.

In a place where ar GMs patrol, the rumors that the strange disappearances the he had actually thought to be of just some city legend happened!

When he had pertained to his senses, he was altrident-gaming.nety in one more world.

Fantasy MMO, action, the Sengoku Era, three Kingdoms, the sea, additionally Sci-Fi FPS (first person shooter), and additionally a robot! The story that entails all online gamings now begins!

A GM equipped with every skill, native magic come crafting, begins his earnest ventures in an additional world.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mecha, Sci-fi
Akatsuki Tsuki, 暁月

The GM has Logged into A different World
Ch.extra 3

At first, when he learned that he was required to go to countless different regimen worlds and be reborn right into all type of cannon fodder, he was versus it.

Because villains typically all only have a minute of satisfaction, the endings of cannon fodder are likewise frequently fairly miserable.

But the guy who gave him the device told him the this mechanism not only has actually all varieties of powerful functions, but he can additionally break the regimen lives of the cannon fodder. If that achieves this satisfactorily because that each world, he can even become a god.

He’s altrident-gaming.nety knowledgeable over a thousands reincarnations, yet hasn’t however been a god. Due to the fact that it sound pretty great, why no just shot it out.

From that minute on, he began the irreversible route of tyrannically oppressing people, when conveniently tearing open up those white moonlights and also so-called righteous people’s hypocritical masks.

His goal: attract the villain’s duty to walk other people’s righteous paths, leaving them no path to follow.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Yaoi
Tangerine Boat, 橘子舟

Cannon Fodder Cheat System

A hikikomori and also NEET in the real world, Kyoko (22 old years), transmigrated into a character with huge breasts in one MMO world. Her profession is monster tamer. Somehow controlling to ‘capture’ a slime follow me the way, a human’s challenge suddenly… i, ikemen?!

The slime who became the strongest. The cobra who joined in the middle.

This is a story around loving 2 of together monsters.

Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Josei, Smut, Supernatural

Tensei, Isekai Mamono Tsukai ~ Nakama wa chiishaku?

Crest to be born together the 5th son of a duke. However, as the 5th son, he remained in no position to talk. His childhood friend and also his fiancée, Ellis, cure him as with a s*ave. And on Crest’s coming-of-age ceremony, he got a skill called “Gacha.” Yet, he no able come learn just how to use it and also was banished away from his home. Banished right into the woodland full of monsters, Crest started to know the power “Gacha.” and also then, Crest consisted of his mind. That will definitely survive and also get earlier on his feet.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Romance

Hazure skill “Gacha” de Tsuihou Sareta Ore wa, Wagamama Osananajimi wo Zetsuen Shi Kakusei Suru ~ Bannou Cheat ability wo Getto Shite, Mezase Rakuraku Saikyou sluggish Life!~
Vol.2 Ch.42
Vol.2 Ch.37
Vol.2 Ch.36

An isekai, yet one wherein the MC has been life in the other human being for a if altrident-gaming.nety. (There can be a term because that that, yet I don’t trident-gaming.net sufficient isekai to know it.)

Al, a summoner, tries to summon some monster helpers for a quest yet accidentally summons loli monster girl instead: a succubus, a lamia, a slime, and a zombie.

They aren’t powerful enough to help, but (after the succubus go what succubi do) he find out having actually s*x can rise their magic. However, each varieties of monster girl presents a unique difficulty in acquiring that an approach to work.

Note: the reference to an elf kingdom and also the ending’s referral to a particular elf room alluding to one of the author’s previous novels (suggesting castle take place in the same world), yet the connection is loose enough that I’m quiet calling this a one shot.

Adult, Mature
Mikado Tetsurou, みかど鉄狼

Lol*mon Harem

Shiina Kazuya, our protagonist who got killed by a stranger once he tried to defend his childhood girlfriend and small sister, reincarnated right into Cain Von Silford together the third son in the people of sword and also magic.

Cain thrived up being surrounding by Gods that doesn’t know self-esteem, the upper noble and also the girls who room swayed approximately him.

Being provided so plenty of protection indigenous the gods, that overcame any obstacle (aka Flags) when hiding his unbelievable status. The noble path fantasy story that a young boy who periodically wicked and clumsy.

See more: Watch The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Bigfoot Amazon, The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen
Yashu, 夜州
Adventure document of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ The apostle of Gods who doesn’t understand self-esteem~
Vol.7 Ch.20
Vol.7 Ch.17
Vol.7 Ch.16
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