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"My name Is Human" was a song by American rock band extremely Suspect. It to be released together the lead solitary from their second studio album The young Who passed away Wolf in 2016. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream rock chart and also stayed there because that eight weeks. The is their very first number one single. The tune is likewise their greatest charting solitary on the different Songs, warm Rock Songs and Rock Airplay charts, whereby it peaked in ~ No. 20, No. 12 and also No. 7 respectively. The track was nominated for best Rock song at the 59th annual Grammy Awards. More »

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OkayI"m emotion the method that I"m feeling myselfF*ck everyone elseGotta remember the nobody is far better than everyone else, here(Do you need some time to think the over?)Look what they do to youLook what they do to meMust it is in joking if girlfriend think the either one is free, hereGet increase off her knees, girlStand challenge to confront with her GodAnd discover out what friend are(Hello, my name is human)Hello, my surname is humanAnd ns came down from the stars(Hello, my name is human)I"m all set for love, and also I"m all set for warBut I"m ready for moreI know that nobody"s ever before been this fucking prepared before, hey(Do you require some time to think that over?)So number it out, or don"t figure it outI figured the outThe enlarge the flow (the enlarge the river)The bigger the drought (the larger the drought)Get up off her knees, boyStand confront to challenge with your GodAnd discover out what you are(Hello, my surname is human)Hello, my name is humanAnd i came under from the stars(Hello, my surname is human)Fire world, i love youFire worldI"m up turn off my knees, girlI"m challenge to challenge with myselfAnd I recognize who ns am(Hello, my name is human)I stole the strength from the sunI"m more than just a man(No longer disillusioned)(I"m no asking questions)("Cause questions have actually answers)(And ns don"t want answers)I came under from the stars (so I"ll take it my chances)(And what are the chances)(That I might advance)(On my very own circumstances)(Said what room the chances?)Hello, my surname is human being (and what are the chances)(I"m no asking questions)And I understand who ns am (so you store your answers)(I"m not asking questions)(I"m taking my chances)

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highly Suspect highly Suspect is one American rock trio indigenous Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The tape was established by twin brothers affluent (bass guitar, backing vocals) and also Ryan Meyer (drums, backing vocals) and their best friend Johnny Stevens (guitar, command vocals). After beginning as a bar sheathe band, castle relocated to Brooklyn, brand-new York, wherein they tape-recorded The Worst human beings EP through producer Joel Hamilton (Elvis Costello, Plastic Ono Band, The black Keys, Wu-Tang Clan). The band"s an initial studio album, mr Asylum, was released ~ above July 17, 2015, earning highly Suspect a nomination for ideal Rock Album at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. The song "Lydia" was likewise nominated for ideal Rock Song. Their 2nd studio album, The young Who died Wolf, to be released on November 18, 2016. 2 singles… much more »

Written by: rich Meyer, Ryan Meyer, Johnny Stevens