They uncovered a means to calm under the Hulk. Black color Widow tells him something and make some gesture and the Hulk calms down and also leaves rage behind.

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Black Widow: Hey big guy, Sun’s getting real low.

And then part hand gesture and also HULK transforms come human.

Where is it came from? What is that “Sun’s acquiring real low…” mean? Is that something one-of-a-kind or pointing at some reference or part random phrase?



There is nothing certain about the words. Lock are simply a cause phrase/word to gain Hulk"s attention, choose "en guard" or "Avengers Assemble". Whedon said:

What around the indigenous she says?“Hey, huge guy. Sun’s gettin’ real low.” I actually included that later in the game, ns think something usually to obtain his attention and to have actually a phrase that that knows, this is around to start. I wanted to do as little with talking as possible, due to the fact that it’s all going on over there , i m sorry is amazing, since two of those space not real — they were created by ILM, and also yet they room so full of life. And also I hate to to speak it, but he’s dead sexy together the Hulk.

As to exactly how Black Widow and also Hulk operated this out, it happens sometime in between the very first and 2nd movie. No much has been said, as well as Natasha and Banner having actually flirted and worked with each various other in the time in between Your "connection".

When go the idea the a romance between Natasha and Bruce Banner begin percolating in her mind?

You know, we went there. Ns was do the efforts to trace it back, due to the fact that I honestly don’t remember before. We talked a small about the chemistry lock had, just together in your scenes, and then i think it started with the lullaby. Like, “If you have actually the Hulk on the team, you understand what would certainly be cool is if Natasha’s the one who could talk the down.” and then it started to mite in mine head, like, “There’s in reality a fact there around who castle are and also how they connect that’s now an extremely interesting,” and also it constructed from there.

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strange enough, the lullaby itself is just one of the critical scenes that we finished because of the effects. And when us finished it, we were like, “This is means more romantic and method more physical than it was when it was post-viz, or a note on a suit on a platform. It suddenly became that the romance was means more front and center in it than I expected.