When mockery Turner sang the top ballad, “He stopped Loving her Today,” the captivated his audience and also took them on a trip of unbearable heartbreak and also endless love.

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The nation music singer has actually been blessed with a deeply sensational voice and also striking capability to convey even the deepest emotions musically. Since growing to considerable fame in the beforehand 2000s, Turner has actually persevered top top a course of greatness v his incredible vocal abilities.

Even despite Turner is a contemporary country singer, he generally pays homage to the legendary singers the came before him. For this instance, he chose to take on one of the most emotional and beautiful crippling nation songs ever recorded. It’s his method of paying his respects to country music legend George Jones.

Fans remained quiet together Turner’s voice boomed anywhere the venue through deep emotion and also pain because that the beloved guy who hosted his lifelong wish to love his woman till the day he died. Together the song neared its devastating end, the singer’s voice belted the final chorus as the audience met him with an uproar the applause.

A Song’ also Sad, also Depressing’

Written through Bobby Braddock and also Curly Putman, “He stopped Loving her Today” speak a touching story around a male who never stops love his former flame until he dies.

He has never offered up top top his love, also keeping old letters and photos from earlier in the day and also hanging on come hope the she would “come earlier again.” The woman did return, but it was for his funeral.

“You know, she involved see that one last time. Aww, ‘n’ we all wondered if she would. And it retained runnin’ through my psychic ‘this time he’s over her for good.’ He quit loving her today. They placed a wreath ~ above his door, and also soon they’ll lug him away,” the tune goes.

“I had actually the concept of a love so solid that just death can terminate it,” Braddock said around “He quit Loving she Today.” yet George Jones uncovered the track “too long, too sad, also depressing” the he believed “nobody would ever before play it.” Jones also “hated the melody and also wouldn’t find out it.”

To make points worse, it was the period of Jones’ life when all the had, both in his personal and expert life, was destroyed with problem abuse. At that point, his singles to be dull in comparison come his ahead hits. Probably he didn’t have to record an additional sad nation song together he was already living one.

Luckily, that still walk it, despite producer Billy Sherrill declared that Jones remained in such bad physical shape during this period. Follow to Sherill, “the recitation was tape-recorded eighteen month after the first verse was,” and also the last words Jones said about “He quit Loving she Today” to be “nobody’ll buy the morbid child of a bitch.”

Although the hated “He quit Loving her Today” when it was first offered come him, Jones at some point gave the song credit because that reviving his flagging career together it earned him a Grammy award in 1980 for best Male country Vocal Performance. That even became the CMA song of the Year twice: in 1980 and in 1981.

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As George Jones put it in his autobiography, “a four-decade career had actually been salvaged through a three-minute song.” Indeed, mockery Turner has chosen a great classic song. You deserve to listen come his heartbreaking cover in the video clip below.