Spanish version of Creedence Clearwater revival hit is first single native upcoming " Creedence" album special Bunbury, El Tri, Los Lobos, Billy Gibbons, Juanes and more.

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The opportunities that Latin crooner Juan Gabriel would document a covering of a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune may have actually seemed, well, type of like rain coming down on a clear day.

But Gabriel has now join the ranks of Rod Stewart and also R.E.M. with a new version that the Creedence classic “Have You ever before Seen the Rain?”


Juan Gabriel to get Special Award throughout 2016 Latin Music Awards

The 66-year-old leading Mexican singer-songwriter, that won the peak Latin Album honorfor his Latin chart-topping duets collection Los Dúo at the 2016 Music Awards, penned his own Spanish variation of “Have You ever Seen the Rain?” title “Gracias al Sol.”

The sunnier take it on the John Fogerty song that foreshadowed the 1972 rest up of CCR will certainly be contained on the bilingual album Quiero Creedence, a Latin tribute to the bay Area hitmakers, set for release by Concord Picante on July 29.

Juan Gabriel Controls whole Top 3 on Latin Albums Chart

Listen come Gabriel’s “Have You ever before Seen the Rain (Gracias al Sol)” now, specifically on

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“It’s my favorite CCR song, and I didn’t mess v it—just added a pair small mariachi guitars, vihuelas, to offer it a small funky feeling,” Gabriel’s producer, Gustavo Farias, says of the recording. “There room a pair nice violin lines, too, so there’s a small of Juan Gabriel’s personality and also the essence of Creedence.”

Gabriel isknown because that his varied repertoire yet is many revered for his love songs, ceded with high drama.On his version of “Have You ever Seen the Rain,” the Mexican icon rocks it out v vintage groove.

John Fogerty Discusses Upcoming Memoir, Hoses Down really hopes for Creedence Comeback

Other artists on the CCR tribute incorporate L.A. Tape Ozomatli, who recorded “Bad Moon Rising”; mexico alternativeband Enjambre take it the timeless singing “Who’ll stop the Rain”; Texan Chicano absent siblings Los Lonely Boys beat “Born top top the Bayou”;Mexican rock legends El Tri execute “Proud Mary”; Salvador Santana is joined by Juanes and Ozomatli’s Asdru Sierra on “Molina”;ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, who recently released his own Latin-tinged album, joins La Santa Cecilia’s La Marisoul top top “Green River”; and Los Lobos additionally appear through the track “Bootleg.” Spanish rocker Bunburysings a Spanish version of“Run with the Jungle.”