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a return to the chamber of secrets

BY : trixiCategory: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/SnapeDragon prints: 9180
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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----a return to the chamber of secrets---- by trixidisclaimer: not mine, and so forth...summary: Dumbledore instructs snape, as head of slytherin house, to explore the chamber of secrets. Harry as a parselmouth is the only one who can help him on-site. two stubborn people see who can out-do eachother. eventual slash. ***please review! this is my first story ever and im gonna need some encouragement eep eep goin. tell me what you think. ill love ya for it!***Chapter 1: A proposalDark robes billowed behind professor Severus Snape as the potions master stalked down the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was so like Albus to call him away from his afternoon tea for an �important meeting� in his office.�Tuck that shirt in Longbottom!� he snarled as he passed. �Honestly Albus, what could be of such pressimpoimportance?� Just as he approached the stone gargoyle that served as the guardian into the headmasters office, an all-too-familiar figure emerged. Harry Potter stepped cautiously out of the stone staircase only to find himself face-to-face with his potions master. "Oh, hello professor." he stammered quickly. Snape emitted a low growl and pushed past him wordlessly. "I wonder what had brought Potter to the headmaster"s office as well? God I hope it has nothing to do with Albus"s meeting with me this afternoon.." he thought to himself as he rode the moving staircase, the sounds of stones grinding as the staircase spiraled upward.At the top of the stairs he found the door to the Headmaster"s office left open. Inside sat Albus behind his desk mumbling to himself as he played with a delicate looking magical instrument."Its supposed to flash when you have a good idea you see. That way you can sort out the good ideas from the bad. Only this blasted thing hasn"t flashed in ages and its just not possible that ALL of my ideas are that bad...this thing NEVER worked right.""Indeed." Severus grumbled in response, not paying full attention. He had grown accustomed to the Headmaster"s ramblings on subjects that didn"t concern him and had developed his own method of coping. Mainly, blocking them out."What was of such pressing importance that you felt the need to call me away from my afternoon tea Albus?""Severus I have a new project for you!" exclaimed Dumbledore excitedly. Snape made a sound that clearly meant he was sick of the headmaster"s "new projects." Last time it had meant Albus had wanted him to spearhead the "Staff Activity Fun Day." The teachers were still complaining about having to brew horribly complicated potions the whole time."Fantastic." he managed to reply, velvet voice dripping with sarcasm. "and what new horrors do you intend to inflict on me this time?""Don"t get yourself too excited Severus." countered the Headmaster in an equally sarcastic tone. "No, this time I think you might just enjoy yourself. It has to do with your house you see, you being the head of Slytherin the task should really be left up to you."Snape had to admit he was intrigued. If it had something to do with his house and perhaps Slytherin history he was more eager to agree to Albus"s sure-to-be-crazy plan. For a split second Severus let his mask of utter indifference slip and Albus caught what he was sure to be a spark of interest in Snape"s dark eyes. "Ah...I saw that. Do my eyes deceive me or are you interested?" Dumbledore laughed, his own eyes sparkling brightly."That depends. Perhaps if you explained yourself in more detail...." answered Snape."Of course, of course. Have a seat Severus." As Snape folded himself and his long robe carefully into the fluffy armchair opposite the headmaster. "Tea?" His own afternoon tea having been disrupted, Snape acquiesced. Dumbledore poured a steaming cup of tea out of a whimsical-looking pot and handed it to Snape."There you are. Now, this project I speak of involves the happenings of last year. As you well remember the legendary "Chamber of Secrets" was rediscovered and opened during last term. As you also know, the Basilisk that dwelled within the chamber has been taken care of."."Of course." replied Snape, listening more intently then usual."Even though the basilisk has been destroyed and no longer remains a threat, we are still left with the shocking discovery of the chamber itself. It is imperative that we explore fully the "Chamber of Secrets" so that we can learn of any other secrets it may contain and determine just how it remained hidden for so long. There may be other hidden rooms and chambers in the school similarly disguised. As head of Slytherin house I feel that it is your right and responsibility to explore the chamber yourself. Of course, should you not want to take on such a project, I more then understand.""I would be more then happy to explore the Chamber further. I myself have wondered about how it was concealed and what else might lie within it.""Fantastic. I"m thoroughly pleased to hear you show even a bit of excitement and interest in such an adventure."Snape rolled his eyes. "Please Albus, spare me. I assure you that I am not trying to show any stupid Gryffindor courage or anything foolish of that sort. I merely accept your task out of personal curiosity. " Despite his words, Snape had to admit the idea of being the first one into the chamber to fully explore them since the great Salazar himself pleased him immensely."Good. I wouldn"t want you to change what you stand for you understand.." teased Dumbledore. "Oh, and I"ve neglected to mention one more thing. As Salazar Slytherin was himself a Parselmouth, many of the locks and wards inside the chamber can only be opened when spoken to in this tongue. For this purpose I"m sending someone with you with the appropriate abilities to be of assistance."At this Snape felt his heart rate begin to quicken. Parselmouths were notoriously rare. Where did Albus find such an expert? Had he found some foreign master on the subject?"I"m proud to say I"ve found just the person near at hand. Harry Potter will be accompanying you."Suddenly he understood why potter had been leaving the Headmaster"s office earlier. Severus felt his stomach drop out beneath him. It couldn"t be. Not again. Just when he thought something good might befall him, that HE for once might get some recognition, Potter gets in the way! Didn"t Albus understand?Upon noticing the daggers Snape was staring into him Albus remarked: "Now I know you two don"t exactly get along but he"s the only one who can help you with this and I think it"s a perfect opportunity for the two of you to...er...get to know each other better. Maybe even come to understand each other. It will be good for the both of you.""Albus! You know I can"t stand the boy!" spat Snape."I know, and I"m asking you to get over your childish prejudices and do this one thing for me. Besides, he already said yes.. I ran the idea past him just before you can in here and he quickly agreed. He has also already been in the chamber Severus. He"ll be useful."Furious but knowing he couldn"t do something as immature as back out now Snape rose to stand. "Fine. I"ll go with him. For you Albus, and for Slytherin, but CERTAINLY not because I want to "get to know him better."""Most understood. I have to thank you Severus. I knew you"d be up to a challenge.""A challenge indeed. " thought Snape, as he stormed out of the Headmaster"s office and back down the stone staircase. "Even getting through a lesson with that insolent prat is a challenge almost more then I can endure." Then, a cruel grin spread over Snape"s face as his though pattern quickly changed track. "I can endure? oh I can and will. It"ll be him who suffers. He"ll wish he hadn"t been so courageous, that he hadn"t been so full of stupid Gryffindor bravery. I"ll make his excursion a living hell."And with those thoughts Severus managed to drive back the red at the perimeters of his vision and stalk back toward his private chambers."You"re WHAT!?" demanded Ron Weasley with a look of utter shock and horror spread across his freckled face. They were sitting in the 3rd year boys dorm in Gryffindor tower. Ron sat opposite Harry on his bed looking like he had just seen a ghost as Harry told him the news. "I"m going back in the Chamber of Secrets Ron. I have to. I"m the only Parselmouth." Harry replied with a resigned look. "Besides, Its not like the Basilisk is still down there, I mean, its safe enough now, isn"t it.""That"s not the point mate! My sister was almost killed down there! I just don"t see why ANYONE has to go down there again! And poor you! Alone with professor Snape!? Bloody hell- that"s going to be...well...bloody hell!"Harry groaned. "Ugh, I know. I wish it could have been anyone else. Just my luck isn"t it? Well, either way I already agreed so, I"m stuck. Listen, will you tell Hermione for me? I"m meeting Dumbledore down at the entrance to the chamber in the morning, I won"t get a chance to see her myself. Plus, I"m a little afraid she"ll try to stop me. Don"t worry, It"ll be fine Ron. I killed that Basilisk and saved Ginny before didn"t I?""I know, just be careful. And don"t let Snape get to you!" he then added teasingly "and if Snape starts to bother you just send me a message." With a wink back at Harry, Ron jumped over to his bed and pulled the curtains shut."Thanks Ron." Harry rolled his eyes even though his friend couldn"t see him. "Night.""Night." replied a very sleepy Weasley.