Requirements: to apologize Il-series computer system with a minimum that 64K, Commodore 64, IBM PC and compatibles, Amiga, Macintosh, and Atari ST computers.

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Last year, Activision presented Hacker, a video game which showed to be immediately interesting since it had actually no instructions. The player was confronted with a screen that said, simply, "LOGON PLEASE," through no hints of how logging on was to it is in done. Figuring the end what come do—how the video game worked and also what it required—became together important and also as amazing as addressing the case.

Hacker II picks up wherein Hacker left off. Once again the cryptic "LOGON PLEASE" opens up the game, and once again the infection is interrupted together you are readily available a mission. This time, the mission is to overview an MRU (Mobile remote Unit) about an intelligence complex in Siberia, in search of a classified record that threatens the defense of the unified States. No a really original plot, yet Hacker II does contain few of the many exciting and also harrowing scenarios you"ll discover in a computer game.

High Security

Once you"ve obtained your instructions, the main display screen comes up. You view four tiny monitor screens, each through its very own channel selector. At the bottom of the display screen is a regulate panel with number of buttons, i m sorry you regulate with computer mouse or joystick (depending top top version). Apart from a little bit of typing at an important moments, that"s every there is to operating the game. A straightforward interface, yet with a riches of options.

You choose which display screen you desire to see, then what you want to perform with the screen. You can monitor among 38 different security cameras scattered transparent the complex, or you deserve to follow the building"s security monitoring as it cycles around the cameras. Successfully maneuvering her MRU demands that girlfriend bypass the defense cameras. To carry out this, friend must make use of the MRU"s videotape system. You select the camera, turn on the tape, and synchronize the tape"s time come realtime. When this is set, friend hit the Bypass function, and you have actually fooled the camera by having actually it see a scene that is actually a couple of seconds in the past. Her MRU can then slip ideal by the camera ~ above the method to the next destination.

Tricky Business

Even with the capability to bypass cameras, though, the MRU is far from safe. The structure has a security guard that patrols the corridors predictably, yet thoroughly. If either the safety or a protection camera point out the MRU, an alarm sounds and also the structure sends an "annihilator" to crush the MRU right into scrap metal. To do matters worse, some paths will demand that friend bypass four cameras in ~ a time, even though you only have three screens to work with (you usage the 4th to view where you are going). This means you"ll need to stop in a corridor and also switch the bypass native one camera come another, every the while hope you haven"t miscalculated the guard"s patrol route. Together if all this isn"t enough, the MRU has a mental habit: Somewhere right into your journeys, the thing begins to rest down.

At first, the MRU"s Telemetry Guidance mechanism (TGS) mirrors the MRU"s place on a floor setup of the complex, making navigating easy. Shortly, however, the TGS ceases to function. At that point, you have to use the security cameras to watch the MRU move. This sounds basic enough, till you realize the the building has remote spots where no camera can see. This method you can not be spotted, yet it also method you cannot watch where the MRU is going. Through the safety on patrol, obtaining lost in the corridors is a sure means of happen on the annihilator.

Nerves that Steel

Your score is to find and also open 4 filing cabinets, every of i m sorry yields component of the combination to the vault include the paper you"re after. As soon as you number out the mix and shut turn off the vault alarms, though, the real work-related begins. Cracked the vault, the orgasm of whatever you"ve been functioning for, demands a sound understanding of every you have learned around your MRU. Here you should use all 4 of your screens to bypass the vault"s cameras, which method you have actually none left to watch the MRU move. You aren"t also able come bypass a fifth camera, i beg your pardon you should slip by on your way. After setting three cameras on bypass, you usage the 4th to screen the; guard"s path and to save watch on the sample of the protection cameras. Then, at that specific moment, you should bypass the fourth camera, blindly maneuver the MRU to the vault, get the file, and blindly maneuver back to safety. The hit on the vault demands planning, speed, luck, and perhaps more than every one of these, nerves of steel.


Despite the fine graphics, the wonderful interface, and also the wide range of detail, what to adjust Hacker II personal is its capacity to accumulate paranoia and also anxiety in the player. In ~ every point, friend wait because that the sound that the detection alarm. The video game is so extreme that when the MRU"s movement is interrupted by a message telling friend of difficulties with the machine, you space startled, reasoning you have been spotted. Similarly, the attempt on the vault is for this reason risky the for sheer excited it is practically unparalleled in computer system games.

I have actually a couple of quibbles, however. First, over there is no Save game feature, which means you must try the entirety mission in one sitting. Second—and here I don"t want to give anything away—successfully retrieving the file does not end the game. The vault occurrence is so perfect climactic the anything beyond it is almost annoying. That would have been preferable, ns think, to enable the game to it is in replayed, every time with the submit cabinets in various locations and containing various information. Even the guard"s route can have to be varied. All of this would have made the game endlessly replayable.

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But Hacker II is a fine effort nevertheless. It will certainly take a while to acquire started, however once the learning is the end of the way, the game has lot to offer. Ns recommend it come anyone that enjoys a game that rewards patience and also skill, specifically if they choose the espionage genre together well. I execute not introduce it to anyone through a weak heart.

Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersActivision2350 Bayshore Frontage Rd.Mountain View, CA 94043$39.95 (Apple II and also Commodore 64)$49.95 (IBM PC and compatibles, Tandy 1000, Amiga, Macintosh, Atari ST)