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We all understand the great Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah struggle ‘Lake coast Drive’. Bill and Wendy space joined top top the call by Skip Haynes, guitarist the the an excellent band. Lock talk around ‘Lake shore Drive’ being featured in ‘Guardians that the Galaxy Vol. 2’, the impetus for the song, and more.

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Famed cathedral name artist to replace Confederate windows

by PETER SMITH, associated Press / Sep 23, 2021

Washington national Cathedral has actually chosen modern-day artist Kerry James Marshall, renowned for his wide-ranging works depicting African American life, come design new stained-glass windows with themes of racial justice the will change a set with Confederate imagery that the landmark sanctuary eliminated in 2017.

The cathedral top top Thursday said he will style four windows that will tell “a brand-new and much more complete” story that the nation"s racial history. Poet Elizabeth Alexander will certainly write a city to it is in inscribed in stone tablets together the windows, overlaying older tablet computers that venerated the lives of Confederate soldiers, the cathedral claimed in a statement.


Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy create rift with religious partners

by DAVID CRARY, associated Press / Sep 23, 2021
NEW YORK (AP) — amid the young Scouts the America’s complex bankruptcy case, there is worsening friction in between the BSA and also the major religious groups that assist it run hundreds of scout units. At issue: the churches’ fears that an eventual settlement — while protecting the BSA native future sex-abuse lawsuits — might leave many churches unprotected.

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The young Scouts seek bankruptcy defense in February 2020 in an initiative to halt individual lawsuits and also create a large compensation fund for thousands of males who speak they to be molested together youngsters by scoutmasters or other leaders. At the time, the nationwide organization estimated it might confront 5,000 cases; the now deals with 82,500.


The jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself is crumbling

by MICHAEL BALSAMO and MICHAEL R. SISAK, linked Press / Sep 23, 2021
NEW YORK (AP) — within the infamous federal prison in lower Manhattan, little chunks the concrete loss from the ceiling. Freeze temperatures pressure inmates to stuff old coronavirus confront masks right into vents to try to protect against the cold air.

One cell is off-limits because the door is now unstable - likely because of continuous pounding over the year from the detainees inside ~ above the cinder-block walls.



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