Want to fix the mouse not working difficulty in the GTA evil City video game on windows 10? Then, you space on the right page.

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Well, cool Theft Auto angry City is one action-adventure open-world game, and also released in 2002 and developed by Rockstar North. GTA angry City was the best-selling video game of 2002. Rockstar gamings sold over 17 million copies global within one year that release.

This video game is quiet popular and also most users install it on windows 10 platforms. But, they face many problems. Mouse and audio room two major problems that many users reported. However, these problems aren’t brand-new and windows 7 and also 8 users likewise faced them.


However, if girlfriend download and install vice City native official and also authentic sources, you may confront fewer issues. But, some individuals reported that the mouse and also audio not working even after purchase the original copy.

What is the Mouse problem in GTA evil City?

When you open up the game, the mouse will not work-related properly i.e. It will spinning or the click button will not work. Sometimes, the game may fail to detect the mouse.

Click button is no working.You are unable to relocate the mouse.Mouse stops working randomly or as soon as you press the resume key.

Well, on the internet, girlfriend may uncover tons of solutions. Many of the remedies are not working, and also if you room a non-techie guy, that may hard for girlfriend to deal with this problem. So, here are multiple services that ns tested and work perfectly.

Let’s get started.


1 how to settle Mouse difficulty in GTA evil City on home windows 10

How to fix Mouse trouble in GTA evil City on windows 10

The perform of the approaches is given listed below to resolve the problem. Every methods might not work for some users. But, the an initial solution is enough to settle the mouse issue.

1. Install DINPUT8.DLL File

By installation or including the DINPUT8.DLL file into the game directory can settle your issue. DirectInput (DINPUT8.DLL ) is an API because that input tools like mouse and keyboards.

You need to download the older version ( of this DLL file version. However, the latest variation of DINPUT8.DLL document is 10.0.15063.608.


Copy the document and dough it come the game directory.Run and also play the game.

That’s all.

2. Use One main point of Processor

Modern processors have multiple cores and also each core reads and executes regime instructions. As soon as you beginning the vice City game, all cores occupational simultaneously. But, playing the game using a solitary core can solve your mouse problem. Many thanks to windows 10 that offers an alternative to operation the regimen on manually selected cores and also gives one affinity option.

So, girlfriend can pick a solitary core or CPU the the processor come play the hassle-free game. Also, this equipment works because that 9 the end of 10 users.


Open and launch angry City video game to operation it.After launching, open the task manager app by pushing Ctrl + change + Esc indigenous the keyboard. The game will be lessened when you open the task manager app.Now right click the “gta-vc.exe” paper from the job manager app and open “Go to details” option. This will open the Details tab.
Again right-click on the “gta-vc.exe” indigenous the Details tab and click ~ above the “Set affinity” option.
Now friend will see the Processor affinity windows on the display to pick the processors or cores to run gta-vc.exe. Unselect all cores by clicking on the “All processors” checkmark. ~ that pick and allow the “CPU 1” indigenous the list. Click the Ok button.
Click ~ above the vice City symbol from the taskbar to reclaim the game and also the mouse problem will be resolved.

Well, among the main disadvantages the this an approach is that you have to follow these steps every time friend launch the game.

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3. Making use of “Run program in compatibility mode”

Microsoft gives a Compatibility alternative in windows OS. If the regime is no running top top the newer version the Windows, you deserve to run a regime in compatibility setting for larger versions that Windows.

The evil City game was developed for the enlarge versions of Windows. So, you can resolve your trouble by to run gta-vc.exe record in compatibility setting for home windows XP.


Open the folder, wherein you mounted the cool Theft Auto vice City. Generally, the default route is “C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto angry City”.From the folder, right-click top top the “gta-vc.exe” and open properties from the menu.Now open the “Compatibility” tab and enable the checkmark because that the “Run this regime in compatibility setting for” option.Select the Windows variation from the drop-down menu. Friend can select XP organization pack 3.
Click ~ above Apply and OK to apply the changes.Open and launch the game and also see the changes.

4. Buy and also Use original Game

A Pirated copy of the video game may have countless issues. So, you can get rid of all problems by to buy an initial copy of GTA angry City.

You can buy and download that from the main Rockstar Launcher and Steam.

At first, you have to download Rockstar or heavy steam launcher. After ~ that, signup for the account, otherwise log in to her account if girlfriend have currently registered.

Buy and download the title, and also play the game.

5. Run game as Administrator

You can solve the computer mouse not working problem by running GTA angry City as Administrator. However, this equipment isn’t valuable as the an initial one, however some users insurance claim that this technique solved your problem.

For this, open the folder wherein you download the game and also right-click top top the “gta-vc.exe” file, and also select “Run as administrator”.

Note that, click on the yes button, if a user account control warning is prompted.

Final Words

Now you understand how to fix computer mouse not working in GTA evil City video game on home windows 10. Ns mentioned 5 methods, yet the very first method is most successful in i beg your pardon you need to add the DINPUT8.DLL paper into the video game directory.

Write in the comment ar if you have any kind of problem regarding this.

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