In the native of the good DJ Khalid, it’s time for “anotha one.” This week, we’ll it is in recapping episode 5. Make certain to examine out my recaps because that the Premiere, illustration 3, and also Episode 4 if you’re not already caught up.

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Before I gain started, I simply want to cite that something occurred last night, and also I’ve to be cheesing ever since. I’ve to be live tweeting Grownish because Season 2 started and I’m no too big on celebrities, however Yara Shahidi is therefore inspiring. Ns follow she on Twitter, Instagram and I read her significance article.

All this come say, she retweeted me last night!


Now, let’s obtain started.



This week’s episode started out supervisor cute. Zoey’s monologue started off through the joys the living with her finest friends. Then she began talking about how it wasn’t every roses, yet they still stuck together. I’m liking this non-toxic energy.

After the face-masks and also movie nights, we start to watch how various the girl are. Nomi’s indifference to personal space, Ana’s passive-aggressive Venmo habits, and Zoey’s continuous shedding room addressed. Yet it doesn’t end there, there’s additionally the issue of Nomi’s constant hookups, and also I typical CONSTANT. This girl it s okay mad play.


Ana and also Zoey confront Nomi ~ above it. Nomi tries to say that her hookups space the exact same as Zoey having Luca over all the time, yet that’s shut down pretty quickly. Apparently, Luca’s a quiet lover conversely, Nomi is not. Nomi agrees to have less hookups in the apartment. Focus on less.

Fast forward to the group’s shared sex Studies course (the one the Luca reduce without informing Zoey in illustration 1). The course starts with the professor screening an ad for Twerk Burger. It’s ending line is “What the mouth do?”

The professor supplies the ad to spark a discussion on misogyny. Ana accuses Nomi of being misogynistic. Nomi rebuttles that ladies can’t be misogynistic. This make me think of the entirety “black people can’t be rascist” debate. Those space two pretty nuanced issues.

Ana in reality made some pretty precious points. Zoey inquiry the professor her take on even if it is women might be misogynists. The professor claimed she’d need more information i beg your pardon Zoey offered willingly, in former of the entirety class. That was sort of awkward yet totally miscellaneous I can see keep going in a class like this.

The monster thing around it, is the Nomi exclusively hooks increase with straight girls. She calls the a very first class endure for girl wanting to experiment. That’s the real problem Ana has with the situation. She feels like Nomi is just using these girls. Zoey seems to be on Nomi’s side at the start of the issue while Ana feels choose Nomi is just as bad as a male playing girls.

Later on, the group is break-up at the bar. Ana, Sky, Jazz, Aaron, and Vivek room hanging out with each other while Zoey and Nomi room off doing whatever. Nomi dubbed Ana out on the kiss from last season and also the team starts messing v Ana about it. She tells them she just tried it due to the fact that she’d never kissed a girl before. Sky starts talking around all the things that Ana has never done. Ana calls out Aaron for never ever shotgunning a beer, regardless of the fact that he’s a year older than the remainder of them.

Aaron decides that everyone’s walking to have to do something they’ve never ever done prior to over the course of the night, beginning with Ana trying pineapple on pizza. Vivek does karaoke and Sky kisses a white boy. It’s fairly an exciting night.


Zoey end up watching Nomi “in action.” Nomi starts talking to a girl who’s Tinder day stood her up. Transparent the night, Zoey starts come see things from Ana’s perspective and also she confronts Nomi ~ above it. Nomi is honest with the girl about how it’s just a hook-up, nothing serious. Nomi gets a taste of she own medicine when the girl tells she “it’s not prefer I’m bringing you home to mine parents.” This hits Nomi quite hard and also she start to see the error of her ways.

While all this is walk on, Aaron walks Ana house on his electrical scooter. They have a little conversation and his scooter runs the end of gas for the 100th time. Aaron end up kissing Ana but I’m certain we all observed it coming from illustration 1. I don’t recognize if I’m here for the yet, that could take a little an ext time because that me. I just can’t wait to watch what Zoey says around all of this.

Nomi goes to the sex Studies professor come talk around her situation. The professor relates come Nomi’s struggle right away and can already tell she’s bi without having to ask. The conversation ends v Nomi realizing the the real trouble is the fact that she hasn’t told she parents around her bisexuality. It brings in some real problems that civilization in the LGBTQ+ community have to transaction with.

And let’s no forget about the karaoke one-of-a-kind that Jazz and also Sky gave us at the end. They were harmonizing prefer the artists they are.

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Overall, ns think this illustration was so well done! Grownish is ago on the comeup, y’all.


This week’s illustration was an ext focused ~ above Zoey’s friends and also their problems. I’m therefore happy through the direction that took, even if us don’t know what Zoey’s doing with her schedule.

Last week, Grownish had actually me stressing. Every illustration was so focused on Zoey and what she was doing, but getting that small bit the Jazz’s perspective helped lug in some much more layers.

What perform you think will take place next episode?

How execute you feel about Nomi gift a player?

When do you think Zoey will uncover out around Aaron and Ana?

How execute you think Zoey will react?

Am i the only one that thinks Sky and also Vivek would certainly be cute together?

Let me know in the comments!