From West Yellowstone grocery stores to the post office, a gym / fitness center, auto repair, emergency services, churches in West Yellowstone and much more, our small town offers more than you can expect. 

Here’s a perform of few of the solutions you might be looking for throughout your visit.

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West Yellowstone grocery Stores - industry Place Supermarket

One of 2 grocery shop in West Yellowstone, the sector Place is a full service grocery store with produce, a deli, bakery and a Montana state liquor keep where girlfriend can obtain liquor, beer and also wine. They also have toiletry items, health and beauty items and some house goods. You have the right to rent videos there together well.

22 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-9600


West Yellowstone grocery store Stores - The Food Roundup

The second of 2 grocery stores in West Yellowstone, The Food Roundup is a community grocery through the normal items you’d intend to find in a grocery store, consisting of organics.

107 Dunraven Street, West Yellowstone, Montana(On the corner of Madison Ave & Dunraven St.)406-646-7501


West Yellowstone post Office

The West Yellowstone article Office is a full business facility open up Monday through Friday from 8:30 to be to 5 pm.

209 Grizzly Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7704


West Yellowstone Gym / Fitness Center

The West Yellowstone gym / fitness facility is equipped through treadmills, elipticals, cost-free weights, machines and also more. You deserve to purchase passes because that 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year, through pricing alternatives for singles, couples and also kids 12 come 18.

For details and also to acquisition passes, speak through the staff at the residence Room store just down the hall from the fitness center.

Located in the Madison cross Shopping Center121 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7621


West Yellowstone Auto repair - point S tires & Auto Service

Quality tire and auto fix from great people you deserve to trust. Yellowstone suggest S uses all things regarded tires and suspension plus brakes, oil changes, batteries, belts and also hoses, fluids, headlights, taillights and wiper blades. 

555 Yellowstone Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-1165

West Yellowstone health Clinic – ar Health Partners

For emergencies, dial 911.

The West Yellowstone wellness clinic is open Monday with Saturday throughout normal business hours. 

11 South electrical Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-9441

Miscellaneous items & Outdoor gear – Roundup commerce Post

The Roundup Trading short article is a general store with every little thing from toiletries and also health and beauty requirements to family members goods and light sporting goods. You can think that it as being favor a “mini Walmart.”

127 Dunraven Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7751

Miscellaneous goods & Outdoor gear - Westmart perform It Center

Westmart is favor a small town variation of home Depot. They additionally have a an option of home goods and sporting goods.

100 southern Faithful Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-9578

Churches in West Yellowstone – very first Baptist Church

Join pastor Benny McCraken because that weekly bible study or a Sunday worship service. (View website because that details by clicking the photo.)

437 Yellowstone Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7570

Churches in West Yellowstone – neighborhood Protestant Church

Pastor Bob Everest welcomes friend to join them for Sunday praise service and also bible study. (View website because that details by clicking the photo.)

There may be two locations shown on Google Maps. The really church is at this location:505 North electrical Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7509

Churches in West Yellowstone – our Lady that the Pines Catholic Church

Sunday fixed is readily available year "round, and Saturday mass is available during the summer. (View website for details by clicking the photo.)

437 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana(On the edge of Madison Ave & Geyser St.)406-646-7755

Churches in West Yellowstone– Church the Jesus Christ that the Latter-Day Saints

There might be two locations shown on Google Maps. The actual church is in ~ this location. (View website because that details about service times by clicking the photo.)

245 north Faithful Street, West Yellowstone, Montana(On the corner of Faithful St & Gibbon Ave)406-646-4409

Churches in West Yellowstone – Church the Christ (Non-denominational)

Offering non-denominational prayer services and bible study. (View website for details by clicking on the photo.)

400 North electric Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-9459

West Yellowstone Police Department

For emergencies dial 911.

The West Yellowstone police department is fully staffed and also operates 24/7, 365 job a year.

124 Yellowstone Ave, West Yellowstone, MT 59758(406) 646-7600

West Yellowstone Library

The West Yellowstone publicly Library offers complimentary wi-fi, public computers, used books for sale, a committed Montana Room, a kid’s room and also an the end patio. They also accept book donations.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.

23 Dunraven Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-9017

West Yellowstone Chiropractor

Yes, there’s also a chiropractor in West Yellowstone! click the picture to see their hrs of operation.

425 Yellowstone Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-4444

West Yellowstone Pharmacy - Silver guideline Pharmacy

Located in the ago right edge of the West Park Mall and open Monday v Friday from 9 to be to 5 pm.

120 phibìc Canyon Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7056

Emergency Dentist – West Yellowstone Dental

We hope you won"t need this during your visit, yet just in case, you can call them in ~ the number listed below or click the photograph to view their website.

317 phibìc Canyon Street, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-7766

West Yellowstone veterinary Hospital

The Ennis veterinary Hospital operates a regional office in West Yellowstone. Click the photo and also scroll under to watch the hours for the West Yellowstone office.

35 Gibbon Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-682-7151

Real Estate agent – Montana ar Land Co.

Broker Andie Withner can show you homes, land and also businesses because that sale in West Yellowstone and also surrounding Montana areas, plus Island Park, Idaho.

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Located in the Madison cross Shopping Center121 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-209-3145

UPS & FedEx Shipping

UPS & FedEx shipping is located at the quick Print of Yellowstone and also open Monday v Friday, 9 to be to 5 pm. (The vehicle drivers tend to choose up between 12 pm and also 2 pm.)

435 Yellowstone Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana406-646-0555

Yoga Studio – The Studio West Yellowstone

The Yoga Studio uses pilates, yoga, boot camp, combine & stretch and dance classes. Classes last because that 1 hour and also you have the right to drop in because that a single class or pre-pay because that 3, 5 or 10 classes. Mats and props are easily accessible on an initial come, an initial serve basis.

Located next to the Food Roundup grocery store Store125 Madison Avenue, West Yellowstone, Montana

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