(trident-gaming.net) - the feels like only yesterday that Rockstar games was releasing its critically-acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2, letting us loose into a massive frontier world of bandits and shoot-outs. It surely can"t have actually been that lengthy beforehand once it set loosened the insanely effective Grand Theft Auto 5, deserve to it?

Well, it an extremely much can, actually. GTA 5 might have since been re-released to lengthen the lifespan, yet it originally came out in 2013. A lot of has readjusted since then, and with a brand-new generation of consoles lastly released, comprised of the PS5 and Xbox series Xand S, rumours are starting to spin that the next video game in Rockstar"s most famous franchise might be top top its way.

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We"ve gathered everything we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 right below for your delectation — let"s obtain down come it.

GTA 6 relax date

Starting with possible release dates, it"s worth giving you a bit of background. When GTA 5 released in 2013, Rockstar couldn"t automatically turn its full attention to occurring a sequel. It reportedly did start work-related on GTA 6 in 2014, but meanwhile had actually the tiny matter the Red Dead Redemption 2 to make, allow alone the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5, and the PC and Google Stadia versions of Red Dead Redemption 2.

All the those take it work, but are now out that the way. That"s the logic applied to a leak, purportedly indigenous a playtester who"s remained in contact v GTA 6 throughout development. The source, which remains uncorroborated, argues that Rockstar is aiming because that a2021 relax date.

Now the we"re into 2021, we"re no hugely confident around that, though - the would average Rockstar announcing and releasing the video game within a year, which isn"t as well common, and also we"ve heard nothing main yet.

Nonetheless, recent rumours imply that a late 2021 teaser announcement might be close, many thanks to some strange artwork teases posted by the developer and also a "private" video clip found lurking on its YouTube channel. Still, us think it"s most likely that the video game will be completely released in 2022, acquisition Rockstar"s trademark delays into account.

(1/2)With the help of
SWEGTA"s new YouTube video, I finally realized the Rockstar is gearing up to announce something. Now at GTAVINR we sincerely hope it"s GTA 6. Through a good chance that it will be however putting every the piece together, a few months earlier R* post a job listing

— GTA by means of News & Leaks (
GTAVINR) march 5, 2020

That every said, another kernel of info can apply here, in the type of Rockstar North"s 2020 cases for UK taxes Relief. There"s a little of debate rumbling end whether you have the right to really call the likes that GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2 "culturally British", together the tax scheme requires, yet nonetheless Rockstar"s bookkeeping shows a steady circulation of tax relief in current years.

As discussed by taxes Watch, this is suggestive of continuous development, and some are using it together an indication that GTA 6 is underway. That"s a little bit of a stretch, since the tax case is entirely generic and also doesn"t mention any kind of franchises, but still - we recognize they"re approximately something!

Now, there"s an additional option right here - 2K, which publishes the grand Theft Auto series, freshly updated its budget plans to allow for a much-increased invest on marketing in 2023, part time off for now. In fact, the expects come spend double what it has actually planned for 2021 and also 2022. That"s sustained speculation the it expects to be marketing the following GTA video game in 2023, and also will it is in spending large bucks top top it.

We additionally had even more fuel poured onto the fire by a report indigenous Jason Schreier end at Kotaku, looking as he had before at the work culture at Rockstar, i m sorry is famously demanding. The report mentions that according to his sources the following Grand Theft Auto is indeed in the works, but remained at very early stage the development.

Recently, passionate fans also spotted that Rockstar had added a new blog write-up to that is news section that isn"t at this time live - short article 62005. They"re positive that this way some kind of announcement article is being developed at that address. Because that our money that"s insanely optimistic, however at this stage you can"t reprimand anyone for acquiring their hopes up!

Finally, it"s to be spotted that Rockstar is in a hiring step for game testers, other often connected with the final stages the a game"s development. If this could point toward GTA 6 gift at an progressed stage, it could of course additionally be simply forced for various other projects Rockstar has cooking, choose GTA 5"s next-gen version.

All this adds up to the very same picture, approximately - the next GTA is definitely on the way, but you shouldn"t gain your hopes raised also high the it"ll appear soon.



This idea had actually a little bit an ext detail added to the by an alleged leak, i beg your pardon purportedly came via the friend of a disgruntled ex-Rockstar employee. If the details is to be believed, the game will be collection in Florida, and also have a map bigger 보다 GTA 5 and also Red Dead Redemption 2 combined, extending three cities including Vice City. Players will certainly apparently be able to control four different protagonists, broadening on GTA 5"s three main characters.

u/yctr ~ above Reddit

Another map leak shows up to show much more of the totality map, together with a section that fans space speculating could be based upon the Kennedy an are Centre, based upon its layout. However, as usual there isn"t much to validate this as actual information.

More intel originates from a Reddit poster that has collated assorted leaked pictures together to produce a ide of what the map could look like. It"s expansive and features a substantial ocean - together an empty room that we"re pretty doubtful that it"ll end up being real, uneven Rockstar is taking the series in a an extremely new, nautical direction.

Now fresh rumours have actually circulated that the game"s personality roster will incorporate a woman playable character because that the an initial time in the series, other that"s lengthy overdue in our minds. The details comes courtesy the Tom Henderson, a longtime leaker who"s make accurate cases in the past.

For the first time ever before in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have actually a playable female and also male protagonist. #GTA6 #GTAVI

— Tom Henderson (
_TomHenderson_) January 10, 2021

There have also been suggestions somewhere else that Liberty City (from GTA III), mountain Andreas (from GTA: mountain Andreas, natch), and the Midwest could feature, or perhaps even all of the above for various sections.

Regardless, expect the video game to push the borders of what the brand-new hardware native Sony and Microsoft is capable of. There"s no guarantee that the game civilization will be bigger and an ext detailed than the map from GTA 5, but that"s definitely how points seem to be trending.


GTA 6 story

The main story of each GTA game so far has involved criminality, as a rule, yet the precise flavour is constantly up because that change. A crucial bit of information when it pertains to GTA 6"s rigid is that Rockstar"s co-founder, Dan Houser, left the studio in march 2020.

That means that one of the studio"s an essential tastemakers and writers has departed, someone who, together with his brother Sam, has actually shaped the franchise"s tone from the really beginning.

Now, ~ above the one hand, given the most likely timing of the game there"s a good chance that Dan Houser was able to have solid intake and influence on the script and also story prior to his departure. On the other, if he to be on his method out it"s very possible that that wasn"t practically so involved. That way we can be in for a change of voice for GTA 6, something the was shown by reports that the story to be rebooted ~ Houser left, i beg your pardon surfaced in November 2021.

Exactly exactly how that would certainly manifest is hard to guess: v at, however it"s one interesting advancement for Rockstar, that"s for sure. Another recent rumour was started by one old patent filed by Rockstar in 2017:

Now look at this excerpt native a 2017 patent from Rockstar Games.Looks prefer we‘ll have the ability to „improve“ neighborhood in the game, and this will change them to be gentrified.Holy shit. Pic.twitter.com/gRcT5nhCoR

— huge Jim Colosimo (
chi_colossimo) January 16, 2021

It certain sounds credible the Rockstar can be looking to tell a story that requires gentrification and the creep of capitalism - productive ground for some fairly easy satire, challenge we speak it? A changing city that responds come the players actions in the story, though, is a quite compelling idea.

The recent tidbit come surface about the game"s story relates to its setting in time. Since people are speculating the it can return come Vice City, there have been concerns over even if it is the game will be collection in the 1980"s again. According to prolific leaker Tom Henderson, though, it"ll be a modern title like GTA V.

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It"s not collection in the 1980"s and is modern. Https://t.co/iav46Ty35V

— Tom Henderson (
_Tom_Henderson_) April 12, 2021

Henderson has actually been proven ideal a fair few times in the past, so this is one interesting breakthrough for sure.We"ll store adding much more details come this round-up as and also when brand-new information comes out or yes, really announcements room made, therefore be certain to keep checking back.