Season 17 illustration 1 - Dursley: Gloucestershire Treehouse

Kevin McCloud adheres to plumber Jon Martin and also ceramicist Noreen Jaafar as they transform a neglected half-acre site in Gloucestershire. However, they room unable to cut down the 27 safeguarded trees ~ above the plot, for this reason their systems is to construct a big, modern treehouse v stilts screwed into the earth and balconies the will have actually views because that miles. Air day : 21st-Sep-2016Read More

Season 17 illustration 2 - Horsham: Fun house

Kevin McCloud complies with Matt and Sophie White from Sussex as they construct a giant family house of funny for themselves and also their children. Going versus the norm of developing a serious and also practical home, the couple"s property functions a revolving bookcase door, secret dens, hiding places, one-way mirrors, and also a fireman"s pole. Matt uses a steel structure system to enable them to adjust the layout of the property, and other changes include amending the window shapes and sizes, and adding a fifty percent floor to create a James link room. Air day : 28th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 17 illustration 3 - southern Cornwall: heavy steam Bending residence

Kevin McCloud meets Tom and Danielle Raffield, whose lifelong passion has been steam-bending wood. They"ve supplied the method to produce extraordinary furniture and lighting, but now setup to use it top top a bigger scale. In an attempt to to escape the boundaries of your tiny gamekeeper"s lodge, lock have chose to construct a wavy wooden residence in south Cornwall, completed with curved cladding, twisted furniture and also interior walls extended with weathering timber. V a £100,000 budget, the pair have made decision to carry out a the majority of the building themselves, and also Kevin is top top hand to discover whether they"re approximately the challenge. Air date : 5th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 17 episode 4 - Essex: Black home

Kevin McCloud meets Michelle Parsons, one artist and also teacher who chose to grab the day and also build her own private hideaway in a woodland environment in Essex after ~ she recovered indigenous a major illness. Along with her architect husband David, Michelle planned to build a sleek, black-clad, three bedroom house complete with an art studio. However, torrential rain and also a potentially terrible gas leak stalled progression on the build, and also as building gets under way, Kevin marvels whether the couple"s decision to get rid of windows on 2 sides the the property may leave them life in a gloomy bunker. Air date : 12th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 17 episode 5 - Bolton: Ultra-Modern home

Bolton-based bricklayer Paul Rimmer, who has actually spent his job restoring and renovating victorian terrace houses, set his sights on building a state-of-the-art home on a budget of £350,000. However, instead of making use of the building materials he has actually spent the past 40 years mastering, he has opted to build his brand-new home indigenous wood.Roping in his wife Carol, daughter Abby and also a selection of favoured workmates, Paul and also his team start work top top the ultra-modern, five-bedroom build, and also Kevin McCloud reveals how too much weather, exhaustion, and rapidly dwindling funds location the whole project in jeopardy. Air day : 19th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 17 episode 6 - Pembrokeshire: Low-Impact home

Air day : 26th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 17 illustration 7 - Devon: Plough-Shaped home

Air date : 2nd-Nov-2016Read More

Season 17 illustration 8 - The Wirral: Floating Timber residence

Air day : 17th-Nov-2016Read More

Season 17 episode 9 - Revisited – Somerset: Cow melted

Air date : 30th-May-2017Read More

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