The laughingstock of the girls" basketball team, klutzy Samantha Byrd is figured out to pay back mean Judith Bellwood because that making funny of she on the court, yet she never ever expects she revenge to obtain so out of hand. Original.

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The books in the Goosebumps collection regularly it seems ~ to take the vein of a principles tale (of a twisted sort) where one virtue, evil, personality flaw, or concern is bring away up as the focus of the story, and Be careful What friend Wish for is no exception. The stimulate of the day here is gift careful about what you great this volume we fulfill Samantha Byrd a high young lady that is provided heck by Judith Bell and also her friend Anna that seem to have no reason for their treatment of Samantha outside of the reality that she"s miscellaneous of simple target. She"s tall, yet clumsy...on the basketball team (where Judith is queen) however not a an excellent player. Samantha is constantly miserable around her many in life...complaining about how mean Judith is and also taking one humiliation after one more from she without lot protesting in ~ the time.One day on the way home from institution Sam helps a woman named Clarissa find her way...she"s come to be turned around and also Sam is kind enough to walk she practically throughout town to gain to the best street. As a reward, Clarissa provides her three wishes. Sam is incredulous, however hastily makes a great it is in the the strongest basketball player on the team. As with all wishes, this one goes awry...instead that making she a far better player, she becomes the strongest player when ALL her other teammates come to be ill and also bedridden. In a panic, she do the efforts to ideal her wish but only manages to do it significantly worse...until in misery she makes a last wish...and...well, you"ll have to read to find out just how it functions out. I will say that what you get is constantly different than what you suppose with this stories, and Be mindful What friend Wish for is no exception, that does have a signature Twilight Zone--esque twist in ~ the end.Overall, Be mindful What you Wish for is fine written and the personalities are basic but adequately written, however this one just doesn"t work as well as some of the previous stories in the series. Samantha doesn"t come throughout as sympathetic and also at the finish I was left v a sort of eh...whatever, feeling. I just didn"t really care around her enough and also it involved rather swift ending.

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I offer it 3 stars, it"s entertaining, however no good shakes.