JoJo: 8 Stand customers DIO deserve to Defeat (& 7 that Can't) DIO is one of the most renowned main JoJo villains. Yet thanks the The World, he"s likewise one that the most busted. That doesn"t do him invincible.

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Dio Brando is undoubtedly one that the strongest Stand individuals in all of JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure. His Stand, The World, has around the exact same power, speed, and precision the Jotaro"s Stand, Star Platinum, has yet with the added bonus of being able to avoid time. DIO"s time stop capability is ridiculously overpowered, therefore he deserve to probably beat just about any other Stand user, yet there are also Stand individuals he more than likely can"t beat, every Stands are developed differently after ~ all.

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For this list, we won"t be looking at stand users DIO has currently faced, so characters like Jotaro and also Kakyoin won"t be making an appearance. Here"s 8 was standing users DIO have the right to defeat (& 7 the can"t)!

Updated through Daniel Kurland top top October 28th, 2021: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has actually introduced some truly dangerous villains transparent its plenty of chapters, but couple of have hosted the very same reverence together DIO. Countless still take into consideration DIO to it is in the series ultimate antagonist, however that doesn’t average that he’s infallible. It’s quite compelling come contemplate how DIO and his Stand would certainly perform versus other exceptional Stand users.

Narancia takes out Squalo with tiny Bomber
Narancia Ghirga sometimes gets underestimated in golden Wind because of how he"s among the younger members of Bruno Bucciarati"s gang. Narancia renders up for his little stature and disarming dimension with infectious enthusiasm and a functional airborne Stand, Lil" Bomber.

Lil" Bomber manifests as tiny airplane that pack nasty projectiles and feature a useful radar. Unfortunately, none of this way much once it"s up against DIO and also his Stand"s abilities. Lil" Bomber"s radar is useless as soon as DIO manipulates time and also DIO likewise just has the more physically an effective of the 2 Stands.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure effectively starts a new continuity with component 7’s Steel sphere Run. Johnny Joestar is an exciting take top top the JoJo archetype due to the fact that he begins as a very passive and clueless individual. Johnny grows right into a formidable was standing user after ~ he masters the miscellaneous stages that Tusk, finishing in Tusk act IV.

The full extent of Tusk plot IV’s powers have actually yet to be seen, yet they disarm the threat of Funny Valentine in a solitary blow and also can bypass usual dimensional barriers and time manipulation powers, i m sorry is what DIO counts on.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure regularly turns to fulfilling patterns where characters who an initial appear together antagonists quickly come to be members that the brand-new JoJo’s inside circle. This is the case with Okuyasu Nijimura native Diamond is Unbreakable.

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Okuyasu and also his The Hand Stand have actually an obscure power where they deserve to scrape away the space between objects. It’s possible if Okuyasu properly emerged this strength that it can hold the own against DIO, but it’s right now an inferior version of DIO’s own skills. If DIO deserve to defeat Kakyoin and Avdol, then Okuyasu doesn’t was standing a chance.

12 Can"t Defeat: Domenico Pucci"s Weather Report has A setup For every Seasons

The grand conclusion to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s rock Ocean is one of the crazier sequences indigenous the whole franchise. The drastic results of Enrico Pucci’s made in heaven cannot be overlooked, however there’s likewise incredible power found in Enrico’s brother, Domenico Pucci.

Domenico and also his Stand, Weather Report, deserve to manipulate the weather together they view fit, yet they also possess the additional Heavy Weather ability. Hefty Weather have the right to turn civilization into snails and can only be countered by killing Weather Report, which means that it could overwhelm DIO.

Steel ball Run highlights some very unusual take away on Stands, many of i beg your pardon don"t also exhibit the usual humanoid form. One of the weaker Stand individuals that start Steel sphere Run’s cross-country race is Mike O.

Mike O"s Tubular Bells was standing benefits from exactly how it deserve to canvass a large area and expand its variety with that is balloon pet gimmick. Tubular Bells emphasis on the manipulation and inflation that metal, i beg your pardon is too particular to offer DIO pause. Once again, The human being surpasses this Stand and also it"s really just Spin-based Stands from Steel sphere Run the can offer DIO pause.

10 Can"t Defeat: Enrico Pucci and His Stand can Literally adjust The World

very first up on was standing users DIO can"t loss is Enrico Pucci, one of DIO"s most loyal followers and also the main antagonist in Stone Ocean. Now, since Pucci"s Stand has 3 different versions, for this list we"ll be talking specifically about the final and also most an effective version, make in Heaven.

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Made in heaven doesn"t have actually much in the method physical strength, but it is by far the fastest stand in the whole series. It additionally has the strength to advice time to the point that it created an entirely new universe. DIO would have no method of beating Pucci since Made in Heaven would certainly counter DIO"s time stopping capacity by speeding up his time limit.

first up on stand users DIO can certainly defeat is Jolyne Cujoh, who happens to it is in the daughter of a vault JoJo, Jotaro Kujo. Jolyne"s Stand, rock Free, has terrible capabilities pretty lot on par with DIO"s The civilization and also has the versatile ability to revolve itself and also Joyle into string.

Jolyne would certainly no doubt placed up a good fight, however we just can"t view any way for her to actually defeat DIO. At the end of the day, DIO"s Stand is slightly faster, and Jolyne"s string abilities would certainly not most likely be a match for DIO"s strength.

8 Can"t Defeat: Carne"s was standing Is A loosened Cannon with No End

Carne from Golden Wind has a very strange Stand. His Stand, infamous B.I.G., is fueled by Carne"s hate and as such, have the right to only present its true power after Carne dies. So DIO would have the ability to easily kill Carne, but that won"t he"s won. If anything, that"s as soon as the true battle begins.

Notorious B.I.G."s ability is to absorb energy, latching itself to any kind of object to eat away its power causing the stand to flourish in size. Well known B.I.G. Might absorb energy from life things, Stands, and also even automated objects choose an engine. Oh, and it"s also completely invincible. It can not be killed. V all of DIO"s power and abilities, there"d it is in no method from him to in reality defeat it.

rohan Kishibe"s Stand, Heaven"s Door, may absence in devastating power yet it more than makes up for it through its arguably overpowered abilities. Heaven"s door has the capability to turn world into books, pages unfolding from your bodies. The pages that the book contains all the information and memories that the human in question.

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Rohan has a chance to defeat DIO if he deserve to use Heaven"s Door before DIO can use The World, then create into DIO"s publication that he can"t strike Rohan. Yet that doesn"t it seems to be ~ likely. The world is much faster than Heaven"s Door, so DIO would have the ability to use Time Stop before Rohan have the right to use his Stand. Because Heaven"s Door is lot weaker 보다 The World, it"d be no contest.

6 Can"t Defeat: Giorno Giovanna and His progressed Stand should Not it is in Tested

following on the perform of was standing users DIO can"t defeat is his own son, Giorno Giovanna. ~ piercing his Stand with the Stand arrow at the end of Golden Wind, Giorno"s Stand, yellow Experience, turned into Gold endure Requiem, becoming the many ridiculously overpowered stand in the entire series.

Gold endure Requiem has the capacity to revert actions come the state the "zero", nullifying the action and staying clear of it from ending up being real. DIO"s Stand ability may it is in incredibly an effective but it method nothing against Gold endure Requiem. Anything DIO make the efforts would simply be changed to zero and cancelled out. Even physical attacks would execute nothing come Giorno.

prefer The World and Star Platinum, Josuke"s stand Crazy Diamond drops into the "punching ghosts" category of Stands. Stunner Diamond has actually immense strength, perfect because that punching criminals or key of spaghetti, yet that"s not all it have the right to do. Crazy Diamond has the capability to regain anything it touches to a vault state the being, though he usually supplies it for healing.

As strong as crazy Diamond is, it"s unlikely Josuke might defeat DIO. Stunner Diamond can probably match The civilization in damaging power, yet The World"s ability to prevent time coupled through the truth that Josuke can"t use his Stand capacity to heal himself way this struggle goes to DIO.

4 Can"t Defeat: Diavolo"s Time Manipulation powers Surpass Those of DIO

Araki likes to provide his key antagonists was standing abilities the manipulate time in part way, and also Diavolo is no different. Diavolo"s stand King Crimson is immensely an effective and has actually the capability to erase time. It"s a confusing Stand capacity but basically, King Crimson can erase as much as 10 seconds, throughout which no one yet him room able to suffer what happened. It just works, okay?

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King Crimson"s capacity gives Diavolo the top hand against DIO and also his Time Stop. DIO can stop time for approximately 9 seconds so theoretically, Diavolo would just have to use the precognitive capability of his sub-Stand, Epitaph, an unified with King Crimson"s Time Erasure to defeat DIO.

Josuke renders a second appearance below on the list, and as another Stand user DIO can beat, but this Josuke is vastly different. This Josuke is a combination between two people, Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira, and also his stand is that of Josefumi, Soft & Wet. Soft & Wet doesn"t have actually much damaging power however its plundering ability can be used in a vast array of situations.

DIO would have a challenging time of beating Josuke, but he would certainly come out on top. Josuke deserve to use Soft & Wet come plunder DIO"s eyesight or the like, but DIO"s vampiric healing would most likely offset Josuke"s plundering ability. The is worth noting, however, that Josuke"s Stand has a large amount the potential however to it is in unlocked, so maybe one day DIO won"t have the ability to defeat him.

2 Can"t Defeat: Funny Valentine provides Time And an are Bend come His Whims

Funny Valentine is the 23rd chairman of the united States and also the key antagonist of Steel sphere Run. His stand Dirty Deeds excellent Dirt Cheap, or D4C because that short, offers Valentine the ability to travel in between parallel universes. Not only would DIO have actually to address Funny Valentine"s dimensional capacity if they to be to fight, but Valentine would certainly have another trick increase his sleeve: Love Train.

Love Train creates a wall of irradiate that redirects all misfortune, in this case any attacks, away from Valentine and sends the misfortune come a random location on Earth. Effectively, Funny Valentine is invincible when Love Train is activated, and also we simply don"t watch any method for DIO to get around it.

critical on our perform of stand users DIO can case victory end is Yoshikage Kira from Diamond is Unbreakable. Kira"s Stand, Killer Queen, has actually the devastating capability to rotate anything the touches right into a bomb. Unfortunately, that capacity would probably have no result of DIO, who can just prevent time before Kira detonates the bomb and defeat him.

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Killer Queen"s third ability, Bites the Dust, has actually the capacity to develop a time loop in bespeak to defend Kira and also would be the best capability to use against DIO, yet likely only temporary. DIO is intelligent sufficient to break the time loop and defeat Kira. Failing that, DIO can just throw an ambulance in ~ Kira.