Season 13, episode 1 evil one in the City that Angels

Zak and also the crew head come Los Angeles to investigate the disturbing energy that permeates a former Scientology lab. Then the males gather chilling evidence of paranormal task at the website of a 1996 double murder in LA"s Chatsworth neighborhood.

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Season 13, illustration 2 too Ghoul for institution

Zak and also the crew take trip to Idaho to investigate a previous school plagued by malicious entities. Then the males head to brand-new Mexico to investigate the dark paranormal energy that surrounds a mysterious institution building.

Season 13, episode 3 Sinister Sin City

Zak and the crew head to ras Vegas, NV, to visit a haunted attraction where employees have had actually brushes with violent demonic entities. Then the men investigate the intensely charged paranormal environment at Sin City"s earliest gentlemen"s club.

Season 13, episode 4 There will certainly Be Demons

Zak and the crew travel to Seattle come investigate claims of a an effective poltergeist carving demonic signs inside a suburban home. They climate head to Utah to assist a household plagued through a demon posing as a beautiful red-headed girl.

Season 13, episode 5 California Ghouls

Zak and also the crew investigate threatening paranormal task at a historic hotel in Mokelumne Hill, California. They then visit a Riverside, California, museum where employees case they"ve heard disembodied voices and seen artefacts move.

Season 13, episode 6 Ghost Mines

Zak and also the crew inspection the site of a deadly mine fire in Jackson, California. The guys then team up v a special guest investigator for a terrifying lockdown at a previous mining camp in Eureka, Utah.

Season 13, illustration 7 when Ghosts attack

Zak and the crew travel to California to investigate the suburban home of a family members being terrorized by a demon. They climate head to Kansas to challenge the violent soul dwelling within the notorious Sallie House.

Season 13, illustration 8 Ghosts the Anarchy

Zak and the crew visit a historical San Francisco home with connections to the Church that Satan. They then investigate the sinister energy darkening the house of a grieving family members in Oakdale, California.

Season 13, episode 9 Parazona

Rapper short article Malone join the crew as they inspection a meatpacking plant-turned-haunted attraction in Tucson, Arizona. Zak and the males then head come an abandoned hospital inhabited by an aggressive reality in Ajo, Arizona.

Season 13, illustration 10 new Hexico

Zak and they crew investigate faceless entities within the Navajo Nation. They then encounter poltergeist activity at two historic locations plagued by tragedy and death in brand-new Mexico.

Season 13, episode 11 Ghostlahoma!

The Ghost Adventures crew unravels the mystery behind a mortuary-turned-inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Zak and the guys then inspection the exit prison headquarters that the dark and mysterious Samaritan cult.

Season 13, episode 12 Havens of horror

Zak and also the crew inspection a Montana orphanage with a long history of cruelty and death. They climate visit a substantial North Dakota sanatorium that"s come to be a hot spot because that satanic rituals, accidental deaths and also supernatural attacks.

Season 13, episode 13 Misfortunate occasions

Zak and the crew inspection a previous military surroundings that"s residence to an wild entity. The guys then conference a really dangerous and really unholy visibility in the basement of a historic hotel in Astoria, Oregon.

Season 13, episode 14 Evil continues to be

Zak and the crew inspection reports the satanic task and possession in Albion, Idaho. The males then visit the stays of a huge stone cross said to it is in a dark magnet for angry in Kaysville, Utah.

Season 13, episode 15 Paranormal in the Pacific Northwest

Zak and also the crew i found it a collection of misfortunes linked to the functions of H.P. Lovecraft in Astoria, Oregon. They then investigate strange phenomena in ~ a lover amusement park in Turner, Oregon.

Season 13, illustration 16 Ghostly Waters

Zak and the crew check out a Washington lighthouse the bore angry to several of the most tragic shipwrecks top top the Pacific Coast. They climate investigate paranormal activity onboard 150-year-old delivery docked in san Diego.

Season 13, illustration 17 Spine-Chilling Southwest

Zak and also the crew investigate extraterrestrial task at the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona. They then go back to the Washoe society in Virginia City, Nevada, whereby a highly an individual communication bring the males to tears.

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Season 13, illustration 18 areas of Infamy

Zak and the crew investigate an iconic Los Angeles record studio plagued through a dark existence that may be tied come its seedy rock-and-roll past. They climate head come Logan, Utah, to visit a nunnery said to be haunted by a hellhound.




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