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ArtistGG Allin & The killing Junkies
Album, Collaboration
September 1993
April 1993
3.31 / 5.00.5 native 318 ratings
#839 because that 1993

hateful, male vocals, angry, misanthropic, rebellious, vulgar, violence, sexual, crime, aggressive, manic, energetic, boastful, nihilistic, martial, urban, raw



bnoring Jul 02 2004 3.50 stars
This is i guess the last studio album indigenous GG, that which i was rather surprised by how an excellent this actually is. It practically sounds choose a very profesional skinhead album through Allin barking the end the lyrics with real conviction. The murder Junkies space mighty tight together well. Lyrics space the usual Allin fare, but hell friend can't have it all.

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GG Allin's final album prior to his fittingly unpleasant fatality in 1993 sees the returning through even much more scumbag punk rock. Allin composed the bulk of the album's lyrics throughout his incarceration in ~ Jackson State Prison, providing his ranting a dark integrity. It's a good thing that the wardens didn't check out what he’d written, or it's most likely that he'd have had his sentence extended; these lyrics plumb commonly depraved, vile depths.Cops gain lynched native flagpoles, tiny kids acquire abducted and also corpses obtain plooked increase the ass. Even Jesus is cordially invited by GG come 'suck his fucking ass', and if that's no an sell you can't refuse then i don't know what is. There's of course humour to such extremity, when Allin spouts out his deranged egomaniac misanthropy the absurd entertainment worth is huge. Monitor 4 is titled 'Raw, Brutal, Rough and Bloody' i m sorry isn't a bad method of describing the sound that the album. The manufacturing is clearer than that of earlier efforts however that doesn't dampen the savagery of this songs, it just makes the danger seem even an ext real. The killing Junkies room a good backing band that featured shades put on nice man Bill Weber on guitar and, ideal of all, Don Sachs together drummer/chronic masturbator/Lunachicks obsessive.Old GG put on an interesting display as usual: grunting, gurgling, howling and rasping through venom. Occasionally it's like having a serial killer breathing under your neck, sometimes it's choose being sworn at by a drunken muppet but that slurred voice (degenerated after years of alcohol abuse) is unforgettable. 'My Sadistic death Spree', 'Kill thy Father, Rape thy Mother' and also 'Shove the Warrant Up your Ass' space barbaric and also gore splattered eruptions that ragged metallic punk if 'Shoot, Knife, Strangle, beat & Crucify' is one of countless Allin anthems. It's one audacious call to eight that never ever exceeds one annihilating trudge, for this reason you deserve to really bang your head. Let's watch the Dum Dum Girls shot and covering that, candlestick we?The moronically catchy chanting choruses have a nasty habit the bludgeoning their way into your mind (and believe me, it's monster to have actually 'Bastard son of a loaded Gun' pop into your head once you’re act the dishes) and also there’s a powerful, physical existence throughout. Over there are plenty of who see GG together a tragicomic footnote and even those who'd rather just turn a blind eye to the antics the this gnarled madman. 'Brutality and also Bloodshed because that All' proves the he was a genuine threat, and also if you're craving for some truly uncompromising music then it's the end there waiting.
Nobody embodies the heart of punk far better than GG Allin. Nobody. You have the right to feel the malevolence spewed on these tracks native the darkest depth of the person psyche. There's no transforming back now.
If just all GG Allin's albums had this level the production, because in comparison come the cheaply made ingredient of before, this is fantastic. This permits the songs to supply the brutal assault GG's music always needed for the full, shock rock punch. And also boy, does the deliver, just like songs favor "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, win & Crucify," and "My Sadistic killing Spree," he's simply as vile and disturbing together he ever before was if not an ext so. If ever a box set was ever before made on GG Allin, at the very least a 3rd of the songs here should it is in on that (especially "Anal Cunt," possibly the many demented monitor he ever before recorded).
there is a details irony in ~ the metadata the GG Allin's last studio album, Brutality and Bloodshed because that All, and that is the the artist that railed versus straight-edge culture in You provide Love a negative Name's "Beer Picnic" videotaped this long-player with Don Fury, the producer/engineer/studio owner best known for working with Youth of Today. As a result, Brutality and Bloodshed... Ends up becoming the album that offered GG Allin's musical human being a sonic strength never before captured in his whole career. An unified with having actually the tightest backing band he ever before had in The murder Junkies (older brothers Merle on bass; guitarist william Weber, who was also GG's songwriting companion for all however two songs on the album; and drummer Donald Sachs), and it's not tough to check out why this album is thought about by countless to it is in GG's ideal hour. Obviously, it's not perfect. For one thing, Allin's voice is far from the snotty yet melodic tool heard top top his beforehand albums, as two decades of near-constant alcohol and hard drug use turned his larynx into a shredded, murky, practically death metal-esque mess. And there are a couple of monitor that are either simply a hash-job the betrays the otherwise tight and loud nature the the as whole album ("I'll slice Yer Fucking Throat" and also "Bastard boy of a invited Gun") or come off as silly (the otherwise anti-authoritarian "Shove the Warrant Up your Ass" gets a little bit deflated by Allin and also Weber using the classic I-VI-IV-V chord readjust for the song's chorus). Beyond those issues, however, the bulk of the album is a killer listen. Weber rips off some an excellent rock etc licks in the Ron Asheton/Johnny Thunders tradition, and also Merle Allin's bass locks in very well with Sachs' occasionally unorthodox drumming. With every one of Allin's lyrics originating from once he to be serving either his initial prison sentence or his post-parole-violation incarceration, and also thus stemming native both his anger at gift in jail in the very first place, add to the ideas he set forth in his The GG Allin Mission press release, it's obvious that he to be truly life to his no limits/no laws mantra this time around, consequences be damned. He was still to express the fact that hsi father called him Jesus Christ ("The greatest Power"), he's dying to rotate every cop ~ above the planet right into pig meat (on the title monitor and also "Take Aim and Fire", together if "Kill The Police" top top the murder Junkies album with ANTiSEEN wasn't enough of one indication come Johnny Law), he'll still stick his dick in anything that moves (or supplied to move, follow to the text of "Anal Cunt"), and he's ready at this allude at death anyone that gets in his method be it through weaponry ("I'll part Your Fucking Throat", "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, beat & Crucify") or his prick ("I Kill everything I Fuck", a weird fantasy about being an HIV-carrying serial killer i beg your pardon Allin called "pro-AIDS" in one interview no long prior to his death). Not long after recording and also mixing wrapped up because that this album, Allin died a common rock star fatality - yet in the process, that left a hell of one epitaph v Brutality and Bloodshed because that All, -- something Merle-instigated posthumous releases favor Terror in America: Live in the U.S.A. 1993 and also Res-Erected have come close come diluting (or pissing on).
L'ignoranza di questo album è pari solo al divertimento che si prova nell'ascoltarlo. GG Allin canta come un cane, ma non saprei immaginarmi di meglio every questa miscela di punk, sudore e sangue. Il lavoro è costellato di classici, come "Highest Power", "Anal Cunt" e "Bastard child of a loaded Gun", una serie di coltellate a serramanico che farebbero muovere il culo anche al più impacciato e noioso della compagnia.
ALIVE001CD CD (1993)
Slammerworm january 19 2011 3.00 stars
say what you want about GG; any album v 'The greatest Power' automatically boasts one of the biggest punk absent songs of every time. The rest don't rather come approximately the opener's standard (although 'Terror In America' comes close), but they're an amusing bunch that also-rans. The sound is unique nasty punk-metal; the murder Junkies were the perfect band for GG's crazed persona. One of the couple of G albums i beg your pardon isn't a complete 'guilty pleasure'.

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After all the year of alcohol and also drug abuse you deserve to really hear it on this album. A sad maniacal GG spurts out these tracks v a raspy yell. Life Brutal Rough and also Bloody is an awesome track yet other than that it's nice mediocre... Much more of a steel sound because that sure...
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