Have girlfriend ever consumed a one-of-a-kind, mouth-wateringly juicy cheeseburger within of a revitalized vintage bus? no many world can speak yes to that question. However, if you have, then you most likely were visiting ball Ground burger Bus, among the most distinct restaurants in Georgia. We love showcasing some really special spots transparent the state. There space so countless hidden restaurants in Georgia the deserve every the recognition and attention they can handle. It is why we had actually to actors a spotlight on ball Ground citizens Bus, one of the many unusually awesome restaurants in the state the Georgia. The not only a charming ar for a day night out, but it’s also the perfect restaurant to take the kids and also create some brand-new (and delicious) memories. Inspect out why us love sphere Ground burger Bus.

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Ball soil Burger Bus is a locally-owned and also operated tradition burger restaurant unlike any kind of you"ve been to before.

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Owner and also Operator Dylan "Doc" Brown determined to restore an old Atlanta Transit authority trolley car. He want to revolve it into one the the most unique restaurants in Georgia.

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Who would have thought that just a tiny bit of TLC might turn this old trolley auto into such a magical place?

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Fresh paint, fresh food, new ideas: the possibilities were endless.

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But come up the cool factor also more, you deserve to actually eat inside the old trolley. This is a one-of-a-kind dining endure you can"t get all over else!

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Their menu is quite eclectic, too. You"ll find them offer up specialty burgers, fries, tater tots, onion rings, & deep-fried hot dogs
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Did we cite that their meat is hormone and steroid free, made with in your ar sourced Angus beef, ground in-house daily??
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And while eat on a restored vintage bus RULES, the food below too, is pretty out-of-this-world.
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People i m crying from all over to nosh on your tasty tots.
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Or simply grab a handmade beer v some friends...
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And sit on your brand new patio, enjoy it a pretty afternoon.
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This spot is definitely one that the greats among the countless hidden restaurants in Georgia. Prevent by the next time you’re in the area: and make sure you’re hungry!

Have you been to ball Ground burger Bus? Share through us your experience, or perhaps your favorite menu items! Or if unique restaurants in Georgia is what you’re after, then check out This Train In Georgia Is in reality A Restaurant and also You need to Visit.

Address: ball Ground burgess Bus, 288 Gilmer Ferry Rd, sphere Ground, GA 30107, USA
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Things To carry out In Georgia

September 30, 2021
Lisa Sammons

What are some renowned restaurants in Georgia?

Georgia is well known for delicious restaurants! Savannah, that course, has Paula Deen’s well known Lady and also Sons kitchen. But there’s plenty more famous restaurants almost everywhere the state. And also don’t forget The Varsity, which has actually been serving up straightforward burgers because that football pan for decades in Atlanta.

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What space some an excellent Georgia museums?

Atlanta is filled with some yes, really cool clues worth preventing by, like the center for Puppetry Arts and the Coca Cola Museum. Savannah also has lots of historic houses that have been converted into museums, including the Juliet Gordon short house. She started the Girl Scouts and her home has actually now been converted into a museum. The Miles v Time Automotive Museum is a yes, really neat (and big!) vehicle museum in Clarkesville.

What cities in Georgia are worth visiting?

Savannah is absolutely wonder if you room into history at all. It’s a charming seaport city v lots come do: the downtown area is vibrant, there’s a adjacent beach, and it’s just a beautiful ar to explore. Atlanta is a huge city v a tiny town feel. There’s an remarkable mix that cultures, plus you’ve acquired tons of museums and places like theaters and high-class restaurants. But there’s some great small towns in Georgia that make for terrific trips, too. They’ve gained so much down-home charm and also are delightful changes from the ordinary!

Address: round Ground burgess Bus, 288 Gilmer Ferry Rd, round Ground, GA 30107, USA