George Ivar louis Mountbatten, 4th Marquess the Milford Haven, fourth Earl the Medina & 4th Viscount Alderney to be born on sixth June 1961 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London, the eldest son ofDavid Michael Mountbatten, third Marquess the Milford Haven (1919-1970) and also his second wife - miss Janet Mercedes Bryce (b.1937). From bear he was styled Earl the Medina, however following the sudden death of his father on 14th April 1970, he thrived as fourth Marquess etc. Just two months prior to his ninth birthday.

George is the Head the the Mountbatten Family and also as a direct descendant the Queen Victoria (1819(1837-1901), that is in the heat of succession to the british Throne.Like many members that his family, George was educated in ~ the renowned Gordonstoun School, the boarding school established by kurt Hahn (1886-1974).

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George, fourth Marquess the Milford Haven


ABOVE: George fishing with his great-uncle - Mountbatten

LEFT: George, 4th Marquess the Milford Haven as a child


On 8th March 1989 at Chelsea registry Office, London, George married - Mrs sarah Georgina Antoniou (née Walker)(b.1961), the daughter the George pedestrian (1929-2011), a self-made millionaire business man who started the Brent Walker residential property and recreation consortium. His companyaccumulated fan of £1.2bn by 1991 v debt-financed acquisitions. A collapse in building prices and high attention rates placed the firm in jae won difficulties. Pedestrian was ousted from the board in 1991 and also the group’s bankers took control, enforcing a procedure of sale of the company’s assets.


George & buy it at royal Ascot

George and Sarah had 2 youngsters -

The Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten, born 16th April 1990 at the Portland Hospital, London

Henry 'Harry'David luigi Mountbatten, Earl that Medina, born 19th October 1991 in ~ the Portland Hospital, London

The Milford Havens were divorced in February 1996. Sarah remarried n June 2016, the effective billionaire businessman Michael Spencer (b.1955), a former Treasurer the the Conservative Party, who was nominated for a Life Peerage by former Prime Minister The Rt Hon. David Cameron in his dissolved Honours list in 2016 however it would show up the nomination was blocked. The was lastly awarded a Life Peerage - Gazetted as Baron Spencer that Alresford in the 2020 politics Honours Listof element Minister The Rt Hon. Boris Johnson (announced 31st July 2020) and also thus Sarah came to be Lady Spencer the Alresford.

Lady Tatiana has come to be a respect equestrian and specialises in dressage. She freshly said - "I’m the most competitive person you’ll ever before meet and I absolutely desire to win… i was increased with horses - my dad played so much polo the I offered to sit on his equine as a baby…”

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Following the major financial losses of Sarah's father, it appeared her dowry that £25m would also be lost, i beg your pardon put substantial strain on their marriage. George and Sarah live at Moyns Park - one Elizabethan mansionnear Steeple Bumpstead, Essex. The estate was left equally toGeorge and also his brothers - lord Ivar Mountbatten (b.1963), through the widow of your mother's cousin - john Charles Felix 'Ivar'Bryce (1906-1985), whodied in 1992 and also quickly became a financial burden on them. George made decision to market his share to his brother and also said later - "It was favor putting 3 or four grand a week into a bucket and also dropping it down a well, and also all since of the aristocracy's obsession with keeping their chateaus going for the following generation. I kept it up for seven years. The virtually ruined me."