have a GE file washer the is 3 years old model #wpre6100g0wt. The pump works however it will certainly not agitate or spin. I have actually continuity across the fuse. Carry out a lid switch check I uncovered on line and also it tested good. No flashing light on the motor in reality no irradiate at all. Opened and also closed the lid come reset yet no good. Placed in field service mode discovered no error codes yet in this setting it would certainly not agitate or spin. 8.95 VDC across pins 3 and 5 and 4 and also 5 at the motor. Have 120 VAC throughout WR wire and also RB cable at motor as well as across WR wire and OX cable at the engine (pins 3,5,6 on an initial plug at motor). Blew and sucked top top water level switch to loosen carbon at contact to no avail (tip indigenous 50 year business tech. Veteran). You re welcome tell me I have overlooked something an easy and inexpensive.

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AnswerHi Mike,Replacement parts in General electrical WPRE6100G0WT Washer
You have done every step crucial to diagnose a bad motor. I have read your short article several times very closely (thanks for the very detailed details by the way) and I believe you have a bad motor. You have actually voltage to the engine the light have to be blinking. The itself is a very good indication the the motor is poor because the only things that will protect against the irradiate is the fuse or the motor and you know the fuse is great because you have actually voltage from WR cable to RB and the continuity check you preformed. Climate you took it a action further and also tested voltage in ~ the engine in the company model. Ns think you have the right to safely say that the engine is bad. If i were in you situation that is what my diagnoses would certainly be. Thank you,Shawn/administrator

confused by: steve I have the specific same washing an equipment as this man and have the exact same problems!I did every the specific same tests as he did and found no problems,the only difference is that my eco-friendly light is still blinking and also not indicating any kind of errors,the very first time i easily checked the lid switch,i didnt have actually my meter ~ above me so ns bypassed the move by tying the 2 wires together and nothing happend through the motor!please,what to be i absent here??

Motor problem by: Shawn/admin If the light is blinking climate we recognize the fuse is not blown also you say you by-passed the lid move so we know the lid switch no the problem. Presume you put the washer in the company mode and tested for voltage like Mike claimed he did and also you gained voltage at the motor climate the motor is bad. If you have not tested because that voltage then you need to do so in stimulate to rule out the control.

GE file washer by: Steve i tested all the voltages in ~ the motor in the organization spin mode,the green light blinks on and also off in ~ a 1 seond secure rate,i believed that meant the engine wasnt charred up,i was confosed v that part,i also tried to view if i might smell one of the windings to see if it to be burnt,could no smell anything,so that stands the the engine is bad, right?

RE by: Shawn/admin The irradiate blinking doesn’t average for 100% that the motor is ok. Every that method is the circuit for the irradiate is ok (meaning the fuse no blown) and also that the engine hasn’t flagged an error code. Yet if that is acquiring the correct voltage feed back from the control but sill will certainly not spin then the motor is bad. Tell me i beg your pardon pins on the engine you are testing and what voltage you are getting and also what setting the washer is in when testing.

GE file washer by: anonymous The washer to be infield organization mode turn test,knob 9.The pins i tested to be the following,c2 pin 5 to pen 3=120vac,c2 pin 6 to pen 3=120vac through lid closed,c7 pin 1 to pen 2=165vdc,c4 pen 5 to pin 1=9vdc,c4 pin 5 to pin 2=9vdc,c4 pin5 to pin 3=9vdc,c4 pin 5 to pin 4=9vdc,i likewise did a ohm reading on the shifter coil that came out to 92 ohms which i understand was expect to be 98 ohms,i figured that was close enough. I additionally checked the water flow sensor pipe to see if it to be clogged,it wasnt.I want to thank you very much for helping me out v all your an excellent knowledge,very quite of you,its in reality my sisters washer.

Motor by: Shawn/admin there is only one an ext thing that we have actually to eliminate that i should have said previously (I didn?t because it is an extremely uncommon). You have to make sure the engine or the shaft and also tube isn?t locked. If it were you must be gaining an error code so i don?t think the is your problem however you simply need to do sure. Various other than that you are getting the exactly voltages to the motor so it must be spinning and since the is not then it is bad. Ns am going to post this attach to my repair page about this washer just for anyone else the looks at the subject GE HydroWave Washer Repair

GE Washer no spinning or agitating by: Jack mine washer is likewise not spinning or agitating-drains ok. Checked LED and I"m getting 6 flashes(rotor locked). I deserve to manually relocate motor and tub, so i don"t understand what rotor locked means. Ns reset by removed power, open and closing lid and also now LED flashed steady. Tried another wash cycle yet still no agitaion. I arrangement on buying a engine and additionally a lid switch simply in case. How do I remove the switch issue if that"s a possibility?

RE by: Shawn/admin If the motor is flagging the locked rotor (locked motor) and the motor isn’t locked the trouble is walking to be in the motor. Over there is a test on the link I left above that shows exactly how to test the lid switch yet I nothing think that will certainly be her issue.

GE file WPRE6100G0WT by: cotton I have the same problem; won"t spin no one agitate however it didn"t take place all in ~ once. Intermittently it would not spin however everything else operated fine; pour it until it is full tub, agitating, draining, so contacted business dept. Of save where this device was to buy in 2007. Business man came out and first determined no the lid switch, yet saw the spin through a tiny "push" therefore he by-passed the lid move so top deserve to be open. He claimed transmission was going out.sWe have actually washed garments for a week now without a problem and also it was ago to spinning till today; I gained one pack of blankets washed and spinned and then on 2nd load it would not agitate nor spin; just fill with water, drain and also time itself out. Ns am analysis on numerous sites that when agitating end it appears to be the motor.My inquiry is, do I have a bad motor and also transmission or was motor culprit all along?

RE by: Shawn/admin Your design doesn’t have actually a transmission but I assume he replaced the shaft and also tube assembly (mode sifter).I will certainly not say the the setting sifter wasn’t negative when the technology checked it but it is an extremely uncommon because that this to reason this type of problem. The motor stores error codes and also some error codes reason the engine to close up door down fully and some limit the engine to 50 RPMs. Over there is additionally a fuse that might be blown. The first thing you have to do is examine the error codes and the fuse and also if they room ok climate yes the most typical thing is the motor. This web page will help GE HydroWave Washer Repair

GE HydroWave by: anonymous No the business repair male did NOT replace the setting sifter. See once I dubbed the company department and told them the this washer to be not always spinning all the water out of the clothes, and also sometimes stops working to spin, the first thing castle told me would certainly be checked would be the lid switch. He came out v a new lid move in instance we required one. Yet he opened up up the lid, took the optimal off and also tested the lid switch which turned the end to it is in okay. But he go say that the "transmission" was going negative because the didn"t it seems ~ to get in that high equipment when that should. That did not replace it as result of high $$ in labor. So us told that as lengthy as the is running we will continue to usage it until we decision whether to buy brand-new or not. In the while he said he would leave the lid switch in the by-pass connection so the we can monitor the spinning through the lid up.The next day ns washed two loads of clothes and also the spinning was simply fine. Then ns washed two much more loads this previous Saturday which amounts to 4 lots or 4 washes. THEN, ns attempted to wash a tiny load the 4 pair of slacks and also this is when it stopped or would not agitate. SO, after ~ reading every one of your links, it sound to me like I have had my granted 4 washes with the lid switch not connected. So currently I can"t even get the error codes since I can"t clear them. I did have the machine unplugged overnight, and this morning I placed water in to see if it would agitate, however then realized ns can"t perform the reset the error password without the lid switch in opening and also closing the lid a certain variety of times after plugging the in.So, might you email to me indict on exactly how to affix the lid switch? The service guy never ever took off the former panel and checked the error codes. Ns didn"t even know the maker had together a point until I read your reply.Thanks for your help.

RE by: Shawn Hi,Sorry because that the delay I have been ~ above vacation. Ns am not certain what he excellent to bypass the lid switch however you are appropriate you cannot clear the error codes and the lid switch gift bypassed causes an error code. So currently you room stuck until you get the lid switch back working. Your best bet is to make the guy come ago and drown the bypass. Ns wouldn’t pay him come come earlier because that messed increase period. I don’t favor to speak down around what other techs do since I have made mine share of mistakes however you never ever bypass a lid switch, not just is this a safety problem in this case it brought about your an equipment to shut down. If girlfriend cannot obtain him come come back the only way I understand of come bypass the lid switch is to reduced the wires and wire them together. You will have to slice the switch back into the circuit however again ns strongly introduce making him come ago and reconnecting the switch himself.

ge washer no spinning by: kahr i have actually the same trouble and readjusted out motor however still will certainly not rotate ,changed lid switch and also timer all prepared any more ideas

same problem. by: cotton i am having actually the same issue i replaced the setting shifter because the inner tub was moving with agitation. It worked perfect because that 2 work then stopped agitating and also spinning,i opened up the front and also found the new seal leaked. So ns figured that shorted the motor. I changed the motor and fuse bypass the came through the new motor however same trouble even though i am acquiring the 1 blink on/off for typical standby. Ns checked everything all wires test an excellent with continuity and no shorts. Additionally all the exactly voltages to the motor, lid switch functions perfect, water level move tested good. Ns am in ~ a loss, have you viewed this problem. If you have any type of ideas please let me know. Thanks

GE file WPRE6100G0WT by: anonymous our washer is back in business and also has been for rather some time since my last post. The dealer refunded our business call fee, and suggested we speak to GE direct, that they have seen with various other customers we may advantage more. Therefore I called GE; a organization guy in a GE truck came out, changed the motor, said that GE has improved that details motor since the an equipment came out, and get this, the motor, once you buy it from a GE repairman comes through a 5 year warranty together with any parts the come out of a GE truck. The dealer can only provide a 90 day warranty with the very same motor! The full bill was around $200.00. Needless to say we come out smelling like a rose!

GE file motor obtaining power however no LED by: buying brand-new motor? mine GE file Washer WPRE6100G2WT will certainly not agitate or spin. My father tested that the engine was acquiring power come the coils however was no starting. He claimed if its acquiring power, then all other systems should be a "go", so it"s a bad motor. The engine isn"t seized up or smell scorched up. The shaft and bathtub flywheel move freely. Mine only concern is that the LED irradiate is no blinking. Is over there something else that might be causing the motor not to start, also though the is gaining power? I"m reading a lot of comments around the fuse and/or shifter.

fuse or motor by: Shawn/admin This will be the motor or the fuse. Examine the fuse and also if the fuse is ok replace the motor. This web page shows how to test the fuse. HydroWave Washer Repair

frontloading washing machine by: anonymous ns noticed during spin cycle of mine frontloading washing device some flashing lights room coming from close to motor ,I have the right to see the night time only,what is that?

Similar problem with a twist by: anonymous mine GE washing an equipment will no much longer agitate or spin consistently, but after playing v it or letting it rest I have the right to occasionally gain it come spin as soon as or twice, climate it goes out again because that a job or so. The motor supplied to get a 7 blink error password so i bypassed the lid switch and also now the common 1 sec. Single blink is consistent. The twisted is that lengthy after the pack of clothes is done, it will click a pair times every hour or so. Is this a timer issue? Any aid is appreciated.

WPRE6100G0WT spin cycle at low RPM by: Kenny my washer will certainly run the turn cycle in ~ the full RPM.I by pass the lid move to make sure that wasn"t the problem.the funny point is ns don"t see any lights coming from the motor area. However i understand the engine is running due to the fact that during the wash cycle, the agitates without any kind of issues. Also no difficulties draining.do i have actually a bad motor?

WPRE6100G0WT turn cycle at short RPM by: Kenny I meant to speak it will NOT run the rotate cycle in ~ the complete RPM speed.

No go in service Mode by: Luke put washer in company mode. Will certainly not spin or agitate. Confirm voltages at the circuit board, DCV at Mode transition plug was 165. Resistance in ~ mode shift plub together 66, an alleged to it is in 98, walk this indicate negative mode shifter? password blinking is 4 which shows this.The just thing that is hanging me increase is if I can not get the bath tub to spin in company mode, is it actually the mode shifter or a poor motor.Hi Luke,The sifter being 66 ohms wouldn"t show to me that it to be bad. Yea its an alleged to be 98 however as resistance goes on something prefer that its in ~ reason. Once the sifter is poor it will certainly still spin and agitate however when the agitates the turn basket will turn fairly then simply the agitator. I think your motor is poor but it can be a loose wire or the key board.

No blinking irradiate on motor by: anonymous therefore I had the same concern no blinking LED light and no agitator and spin cycle. Turned out my fuse was blown, I cut it out and also bypassed it come test as I didn"t have actually a volt meter. After bypassing I had actually 4 blinks i m sorry turned out to be a mode switch. :-( that stinks however at the very least I know what it is the does explain why I have actually alot of rubber dust in the bottom of mine washer. The setting switch has a thermal fuse which scorched causing the coil to avoid working which retained the clutch stuck. The engine couldn"t turn freely which go out the fuse transforming off the LED light.

GE profile WPRE6150W2KT first Wouldn"t Spin currently Won"t Agitate Or Spin by: anonymous GE file WPRE6150K2WT at first intermittently would avoid Spinning. Ns did a reset and also it did Spin. Then it would agitate but not spin. Plan was to change sifter shaft. Currently it won"t agitate or spin. I tested lid move continuity and it is OK. Ns tested the sifter continuity and also it is approximately 65. Ns tested the fuse and it is OK. Not certain what to test next. Is that the motor? no sure exactly how to test. It has been an extremely noise in the agitator area therefore I"m figuring the pillar is bad. My current plan is to replace the shaft first. If this doesn"t occupational then I"ll replace the motor. I"m no sure just how to acquire it in service Mode to carry out motor testing. Answer,I would say native what you have actually said the the engine is bad. That could additionally be in main control yet the motor is an ext likely. Through that said the noise could be brought about by the sifter so you may end up need to replace the too. Say thanks to you,Shawn/admin

How to placed GE WPRE6150K2WT Into business Mode by: cotton have the right to you call me just how to put my GE file Hydrowave Washer WPRE6150K2WT into business Mode? ns would like to check the motor. I"ve confirm the heat fuse and also lid switch and also both are OK. There seems to be a difficulty with the shifter i beg your pardon I plan on replacing. I observed a GE record that suggested which errors would protect against the motor from running (1, 2, and 7)....I"m no getting any type of error codes now (green irradiate is blinking normally) however I"m wondering if one error has actually occurred and the whole system is tangled up. The belt seems fine. I"ll replace the shifter and bath tub bearing which have been grinding and also noisy.....hopefully these will certainly make the washer work. If not I"ll retest and replace the motor? If things are tangled will I be able to run a business Mode test anyway? Answer,The service mode is almost useless yet if you want to use the company mode and then inspect voltage in ~ the motor you can. The instructions for placing your model in the service mode room on the mini manual situated in the control compartment of your washer. As soon as you gain it in business mode spin, check for voltage in ~ the motor. Girlfriend should acquire 12 volts DC in between C4 pin 5 to pen 3 and also 12 volts between pin 5 and pin 4. If you gain this voltage and the motor doesn"t run change the motor. If you don"t obtain the voltage replace the control. Both test space done top top the C4 plug which the mini hand-operated will indicate.

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