As a inquiry by someone to do it simpler to discover this list on a front page, i couldn\"t think of still to perform it except produce a brand-new thread. Below is a perform of web links to Custom automobile Icons because that your general practitioners compatible unit. Please attach to the original thread for any kind of discussions and how to\"s:

A jpg document of many of the vehicles is detailed here:


This vision is updated regulary with thousands of vehicles to choose from. Thanks for the great work, It\"s a an excellent

thanks to aarrgghh for producing some an excellent custom vehicles!

Star battles Landspeeders

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Tron light cycles

Darth Vaders Tie Fighter

Star Trek Shuttles

Batmobiles (40\"s,50\"s Tumbler)and Mach 5 (Speed Racer)

TV Batmoblie

Beatles Yellow Submarine

And to all the others, there space so many!


Thanks to raptrflite for creating these:Shelby Cobra, Airwolf, Corvette, Millenium Falcon, Mustang, Snowspeeder

Ford model T, Corvettes, Porsche\"s, Planes, Star Wars, Star

Mini Coopers

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BMW Z3 and also Z4

Smart car and also Lexus suv

Garmin Garage

VW Van-White

Honda Element record =

Toyota 4Runner

Cross Hairs

Silver Scion


White Truck

Black Volkswagen Golf

Jeep Wrangler, Fiat Punto, Smart, Mini

FJ Cruiser: Blue, Yellow, Titanium

FJ Cruiser: Red\\attachments/stereo-electronics/

FJ Cruiser: Tan\\attachments/stereo-electronics/

Many different Vehicles (Mustang, floor Rover, Viper, Honda, Hummer (Site in German)Requires .rar regime to uzip files

Mario Kart

Subaru WRX Wagon

Honda Ridgeline