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While I"ve kept plot details because that the 5th season to a minimum, please be mindful that there room somemajor spoilersfor the show"s ahead seasons.

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"Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Death the boy, and also let the guy be born."

Transitions are seldom easy, especially when dragons and undead militaries are involved. As the balance of power in Westeros shifts however again, a queen becomes a prisoner, a small girl i do not care a killer, and also a young man becomes a leader. And also just as the show"s characters find their roles changing and evolving, so also does "Game the Thrones" discover itself within critical transitionary duration of the own. Through the collection now (mostly) recorded up through the books, the writers have been compelled to extend past the published source material, taking us right into some decidedly uncharted waters. And though the trip can obtain a little choppy here and there, the destination is just as thrilling, captivating, and generally awe-inspiring as everything that"s come before. But just make sure to remain in the boat... There could be "Stone Men" lurking top top the shore.

Based primarily on sections of George R.R. Martin"s "A Feast because that Crows" and also "A Dance through Dragons," season 5 finds the Lannister"s manage of Westeros in danger as a spiritual movement dubbed the confidence Militant attempts to seize strength in the capital. Meanwhile, Jon snow (Kit Harrington) and also the Night"s Watch recoup from last season"s Wildling attack and prepare for the oncoming army of the dead. And across the narrow Sea, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) battles to maintain power together a attention insurgency group threatens her dominion -- possibly spelling doom for the "Mother that Dragons" before she also has a opportunity to fight because that the steel Throne.

Living up to the series" literary namesake together the "Song that Ice and also Fire," season five"s most engaging facets mostly indicate the chilly adventures the Jon Snow and the Night"s Watch, and the sizzling machinations that Daenerys Targaryen and her increasingly large dragons. In the past, both storylines have actually been guilty the slogging along fairly slowly, but here the twin narratives choose up some genuine speed, acquisition each plotline into some exciting brand-new territory, especially in the last few episodes.

Arya and Tyrion"s arcs also prove to it is in season highlights, v the former continuing her distressingly dark yet undeniably riveting path toward coming to be a faceless assassin. And also the latter? Well, i don"t desire to provide too lot away, however Tyrion finds himself in some unfamiliar territory, and also as worlds finally collide and long gestating storylines ultimately intersect, the present is enabled to experiment with new cast dynamics -- causing some of the year"s most memorable and also amusing scenes.

Sadly, there room some characters who it seems to be ~ to attract the brief straw as soon as it concerns storylines, and certain plot clues don"t work as well as others (especially in the season"s very first half). Despite it ultimately boils to a powerful climax ("Shame!"), the belief Militant narrative can be a little dull together it develops, and as presented, it"s not constantly easy come buy how effortlessly the spiritual leaders show up to seize manage of the city. Meanwhile, the writers simply seem to have actually run out of story for poor Brienne (a potential side-effect the the adaptation process) and her arc requires little more than waiting roughly for a candle to be lit. Sansa"s plot additionally has part issues, and also while Sophie Turner offers a very solid performance, her instance grows so oppressively grim the it becomes rather difficult to watch.

And then there"s Dorne. Great old, weird meandering Dorne. I have numerous friends who have actually read the books who swear the the Dorne story is worthwhile in the resource material. I simply wish the this to be the instance on screen. Don"t get me wrong, the casting and production designs space strong, fully bringing the southern peninsula to life, however the problem goes in circles, Jaime is largely wasted, and also the infamous Sand Snakes room severely underdeveloped. With that said, their final bite does suggest some pretty large ramifications for next season. Whether that justifies every the grandstanding one has endure to gain there, however, continues to be to be seen.

But despite any kind of of these sporadic weak points, the fifth season"s final four illustration prove come be amongst the an extremely best the the collection has ever produced, piling top top one substantial development and collection piece ~ another, offering more forward development than several past seasons have had in their whole runs. The end of episode 8, "Hardhome," and episode 9, "The dance of Dragons," are an especially noteworthy, offering some of the show"s many intense and also riveting assignment while progressing the plot in far-reaching ways. The writers have lastly run the end of (published) source material to work with, and thankfully fairly than stall v filler product it looks prefer they"re embracing this reality by walk full vapor ahead.

In numerous ways, season five of "Game of Thrones" is a tale of two halves -- with the an initial batch of illustration falling victim to part meandering plotlines, and also the critical stretch taking on a much much more engaging rhythm. Though this does lead to an uncharacteristically uneven season, the highpoints are so solid that lock make any type of occasional flaws pretty easy to forgive… but the sooner us all forget around Dorne, the better. Through season six collection to premiere ~ above April 24, the present will continue to venture past Martin"s released works, and if this last couple of episodes are any type of indication, then we"re every in for specifically cold winter.

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The Blu-ray: crucial Disc Stats

HBO gift "Game the Thrones: The complete Fifth Season" in a Blu-ray/Digital HD combo pack. Four BD-50 discs are housed together in one attractive foldout instance that comes packaged in a sturdy outer instance with a clear plastic slipcover. Instructions for an UltraViolet/iTunes digital copy and an insert with episode details space featured together well. After ~ skippable promos, the discs shift to conventional menus. The packaging indicates that the release is region A coded. Finally, despite not being presented in steelbook packaging like the vault Atmos releases, this discs execute indeed incorporate Dolby Atmos soundtracks.