lOMoARcPSD|6752587TEST BANKFUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING, 9TH EDITION BY TAYLOR, LYNN, BARTLETTTEST QUESTIONS FOR ALL CHAPTERS (1-45)STUDY GUIDE (UPDATED... 2021)lOMoARcPSD|6752587Chapter 1, Summary to NursingAn oncology nurse through 15 years of suffer, certification in the location of oncology nursing, and a master’s degree is thought about to be an skilled in her area of practice and functions on an oncology unit in a big teaching hospital. Based upon this description, which of the adhering to career roles finest defines this nurse’s duty, taking right into account her1. qualifications and also experience?A) Clinical nurse specialistB) Nurse entrepreneurC) Nurse practitionerD) Nurse educatorAns: AFeedback:A clinical nurse specialist is a nurse through an advanced degree, education and learning, or experience who is thought about to be an professional in a specialized area of nursing. The clinical nurse specialist carries out direct patient care; consultation; teaching of patients, family members, and also staff; and research study. A nurse practitioner has actually an advanced level and functions in a selection of settings to deliver primary care. A nurse educator typically has actually an progressed degree and also teaches in the educational or clinical establishing. A nurse entrepreneur may regulate a clinic or health-associated service.What guidelines perform nurses follow to determine the patient’s health care demands and also toughness, to develop and also lug out a2. arrangement of treatment to satisfy those requirements, and also to evaluate the efficiency of the setup to fulfill established outcomes?A) Nursing processB) ANA Standards of Professional PerformanceC) Evidence-based exercise guidelinesD) Nurse Practice ActsAns: AFeedback:The nursing process is one of the significant guidelines for nursing exercise. Nurses implement their functions with the nursing process. The nursing procedure is used by the nurse to identify the patient’s wellness treatment needs and toughness, to develop and carry out a plan of care to accomplish those demands, and also to evaluate the performance of the setup to satisfy established outcomes.Which of the following establishments is the finest source of indevelopment once a nurse wishes to identify whether an3. activity is within the scope of nursing practice?A) Amerideserve to Nurses Association (ANA)B) Amerihave the right to Association of Colleges in Nursing (AACN)C) National Organization for Nursing (NLN)D) International Council of Nurses (ICN)Ans: AFeedback:The ANA produces the 2003 Nursing: Scope and also Standards of Practice, which specifies the tasks particular and also distinct to nursing. The AACN addresses educational standards, while the NLN promotes and fosters various facets of nursing.lOMoARcPSD|6752587The ICN offers a venue for national nursing institutions to collaboprice, yet does not specify requirements and scope of practice.4. Who is thought about to be the founder of professional nursing?A) Dorothea DixB) Lillian WaldC) Florence NightingaleD) Clara BartonAns: CFeedback:Florence Nightingale is taken into consideration to be the founder of expert nursing. She elevated the standing of nursing to a respected occupation, boosted the high quality of nursing treatment, and established modern-day nursing education. Although the other options are woguys who were vital to the breakthrough of nursing, none is considered the founder.5. Which of the following nursing pioneers established the Red Cross in the United States in 1882?A) Florence NightingaleB) Clara BartonC) Dorothea DixD) Jane AddamsAns: BFeedback:Clara Barton volunteered to care for wounds and feed union soldiers during the civil battle, served as the supervisor of registered nurses for the Military of the James, organized hospitals and nurses, and also established the Red Cross in the USA in 1882.

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