Tonight to be the last script for Friday Night Lights completed prior to the writer’s strike, and even if the authors get back to job-related soon (as several reports have actually indicated), yes sir very small chance the any brand-new FNL episodes will be created to close the end the season. And judging from NBC head Ben Silverman’s fairly dim (and bloodlessly callous) evaluate of the show’s future, i think odds are an excellent that we’ve simply seen the last episode of what i feel was a really special show.

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I to be praying that we’d be delivering tonight’s episode out on ours shoulders favor a champion, quite than help it turn off the ar as it pulled up with an additional hammie in one uneven, injury-plagued season. So i was relieved—nay, overjoyed come the suggest of tears—to view Friday Night Lights go out together the show I know and also love. The bread-and-circuses crowd will get its My Dad Is better Than her Dad (premiering February 18th, if you counting the days), but tonight, we FNL devotees/apologists gained the style, texture, performances, and also heart that have made the show like nothing else on network television.

Right away, we’ve provided the type of scene you watch every Sunday in little towns across America, but very rarely in network drama: people going to Sunday services. Conserve for Lyla’s change into a Bible-thumper, there’s no real allude made around it; stop goes to church, too, and also so execute the Taylors, since that’s what civilization in a town favor Dillon would do. And that’s what people who i disbanded FNL as teen melodrama that the Dawson’s Creek or 90210 variety don’t get: If friend look past what’s continue in the foreground, you an alert how much effort goes into developing an authentic, beautifully textured, and also highly cinematic backdrop that couldn’t be additional from the artificial soundstage quality of a primetime soap opera. FNL was a human being to gain lost in, through a certain topography and also feel that I constantly found enveloping, even on a bum week. Dillon is a place—a place with churches and also ma-and-pa ice-cream shacks, modest ranch houses and an Applebee’s franchise, automobile lots and also football fields—that to be resonant like couple of others, and also compelling even at that worst.

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There i go, talk in the previous tense. So stop pretend for a 2nd that fine see brand-new episodes of FNL one day and also look at those going top top in this one:

With the Smash shedding his TMU scholarship as a result of the movie-theater brawl and also subsequent suspension, he has to examine a diminishing collection of options, including crawling ago to the major schools the brushed turn off in the recruitment process. For part reason, lock won’t take it him because that character reasons, which is odd offered how frequently colleges overlook together things. (Why doesn’t he shot Virginia tech for a start? prior to it was recently revealed that VT alum Michael Vick was component of a dogfighting ring, VT was questioning its even much more screwy QB Marcus Vick come look come his older brother for ethical guidance.) In any case, it was a pretty to view Smash end his recruitment drama through embracing—tentatively, not whole-heartedly—a an ext modest institution that wasn’t everywhere near his shortlist. I don’t desire to recognize what the “West coast Offense” that a 2-8 tiny college looks like, but Smash will at least gain his re-superstructure of touches.

Series creator Peter Berg mister in because that an amusing little hat reminder as Tami’s high-school sweetheart Moe, a real-estate huge shot who’s still hung up on the ravishing Homecoming queen 15 year later. (And really, who have the right to blame him?) ns appreciated the easy of this little subplot, i beg your pardon is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but revealing the macho-adolescent tendencies Eric can present at his weaker moments. It no take but a couple of shots of whiskey to change a mature family man into cock-waving boy willing to profession some punches in stimulate to defend his mortified lady’s honor. Eric and also Tami’s frisky, sexy, emotional marriage—and Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton’s wonderfully naturalistic performances in the roles—has always been the one consistent aspect in FNL, totally convincing at all times, which always helped once other beloved characters were mired in, say, a fling through the MILF next door or an in-house Guatemalan nurse. If this is undoubtedly the critical episode, I’ll happily leave through memories that Britton’s Tami encouraging she daughter to “Yell farewet louder” to annoy she hungover man-child the a husband.

When Friday Night Lights aired a week ago, my infant daughter Isabel was just eight hours old, so you’ll pardon me if Street’s plea because that fatherhood had a greater affect on me than plenty of of you. Between Knocked Up, Juno, and also the scores of movies recently on unplanned and sometimes undesirable pregnancy, the ground may seem a little bit saturated, however Street’s surprisingly fruitful one-night-stand with a waitress tackled the worry with impressive and also impassioned emotional directness. Street’s plea through Erin to have their baby can have seemed officious under different circumstances, choose a male trying come bully away a woman’s control over her body. However his thin earnestness sells it: this is a male who’s been struggling to discover a purpose since his injury—languishing in self-pity, pursuing quad rugby, taking stop-gap tasks as one assistant coach and also a vehicle salesman—and this freak miracle of nature access time him like a bolt that lightning. He’s not going to be the typical single male that flees the scene or goes into fatherhood kicking and also screaming. The actually desires it and also makes together an impassioned plea to her the we think that she disarmed through his conviction.

How wonderful that Street looks for counsel native Coach Taylor, who has always seen him together the closest point he has to a son. So much of your personal history bears down on that scene whereby Street expresses his desire to be a father; any other boy would have gained a scolding come-to-Jesus speech, however Coach instantly recognizes Street’s feelings as legit and perhaps the appropriate thing for him.

His native of wisdom: “Your children and the mom of your children are the 2 most essential things in your life.”

Amen, brother.

Grade: A-

Stray observations:

• because that me, the only demerits because that this episode go to the scenes involving Lyla and also her squeaky-clean Christian boyfriend. While ns appreciated the duty reversal the the girl pushing because that sex and also the guy retreating, ns don’t discover her love triangle v Ned Flanders, Jr. And also Riggins to be all the interesting. (Mitigating factor: Riggins as a radio host. “Your lengthy hair type of reminds me of Jesus.”)

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• Eric: “Everything ns know around women you have the right to stick in this coffee cup appropriate here.”

• great to watch some funny interaction in between Landry and also Seracen, i beg your pardon is the one facet of the display from Season One the mysteriously never lugged over come Season Two. I guess Landry most likely doesn’t desire to go into much detail about how the VBM collection the table v Tyra, but it was fun to hear lock jab at each other around Tyra’s sexual background and Matt’s “Mexican maid.”

• Satisfying together it was to see Landry get set up because that a big, leggy-girlfriend-impressing play during garbage time in a blowout, it to be even better to watch Coach Taylor usually concede the middle of the field in order to offer a struggling foe a taste the the endzone. It is class.