From the minute Freya first saw Bell, she has remained in love with him. Bell has actually his same share the suitors; however, also then, that is how amazing to watch Goddess Freya become a part of that group.

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In the beginning, Freya was curious about Bell and also wanted come know more about him; however, as time passed, this curiosity of hers turned into a full-fledged obsession.

She even went as much as saying that anyone that came in her method of obtaining Bell would certainly be punished. Ishtar being sent ago to heaven was proof the Freya supposed every word she said.

Freya’s love and also obsession v Bell advanced several concerns in our minds, the very first one gift – why specifically does a Goddess love Bell? What did she check out in him?

1. Why walk Freya Love Bell?

Freya loves Bell and also is obsessed with him since of his soul, which is totally clear and also unlike anything she has seen before.

In addition, Bell’s naive, pure, kindhearted, and hardworking personality, along with his growth, appears to lure Freya also more.

Before Freya descended, component of her duties together a Goddess was to referee whether a heart was worthy of heaven or hell.

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To conclude, native what we’ve seen so far, it appears that Freya’s attention in Bell seems to stem indigenous the reality that that is unique, and thus she desires to add him in her collection.

However, as the collection progresses, this love has started turning authentic, contrasting the superficial obsession she had for Bell (his soul) in the beginning.

2. Is Freya Evil?

Freya isn’t evil, yet neither is she good. Every little thing she does, consisting of helping Bell grow, is for her own sake.

She is willing to do anything to satisfy her goals and does not care about the general public’s good. Freya deserve to be thought about an anti-villain at best, at least at this point.

Freya seeks the best and most talented adventurers (male) and also will stop at naught to achieve and include them to she collection. The topic of she obsession this time is Bell, and it seems to be greater than before.

Freya wants to monitor Bell and see the changes in him and also his soul as that grows. As result of this, she continuous interferes with Bell’s tasks even when knowing that it might kill him.

The reality that she is do the efforts to make him stronger with aggressive means shows the she only cares because that his soul and also not the human body it stays in.

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