Frequency provides readers the tools to understand how and also why their organic frequency interacts v the world approximately them.Because we view the world from a physical perspective, we frequently don"t an alert what"s right in front of us — the our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body space all made of energy. Within us and everywhere around us, life is vibrating. In fact, every of us has actually a personal vibration that accurately communicates who we space to the world and helps form our reality. Frequency reflects readers just how to feel their an individual vibration, enhance it, and also use it to change their life from plain to extraordinary. A an easy shift in frequency can readjust depression to peace, anger to stillness, and fear to enthusiasm. Weaving together an easy ideas from quantum physics v proven intuition advance techniques, Frequency takes readers into deeper ideas only hinted at in recent well-known books and DVD"s special the legislation of Attraction. By learning to filter the "conscious sensitivity" of their body, readers deserve to improve relationships, find upscale services to problems, and also materialize a life that has everything lock want and also need to live your destiny. Frequency gives readers a reassuring, step-by-step roadmap right into a hopeful state the awareness that Peirce calls The Intuition Age. By learning to use "frequency principles" — methods based on the way energy actually attributes — readers deserve to keep their energy level high and productive, get subtle information straight from the atmosphere via "empathic resonance," and also quickly complimentary themselves from an adverse or short "vibrations."

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Penney Peirce is an worldwide recognized pioneer in the field of intuition advancement and an individual transformation. A coach and also advisor to service leaders, psychologists, and also spiritual seekers the every kind, she has been affiliated through The facility for applied Intuition, The Institute because that the study of conscious Evolution, and also The Arlington Institute. She is the writer of Leap the Perception, Frequency, and also The Intuitive Way.

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Acknowledgments ixForeword Michael boy name Beckwith xiTo the reader xvFinding Frequency xxv1 our Phoenixlike change 12 Living amongst the Frequencies 253 Becoming mindful of her Feeling actions 534 freeing Yourself from an adverse Vibrations 775 emotion Your home Frequency 996 "Feeling Into" Life with aware Sensitivity 1277 Mastering partnership Resonance 1578 recognize Upscale Solutions, Choices, and also Plans 1859 creating a High-Frequency Life 20910 speeding up Toward Transparency 235Glossary 263Free Audio Companions 272

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"Penney Peirce clarifies many of the power principles that have previously been unacknowledged, yet which we can now intentionally use to save ourselves healthy and improve the realities us live in. Ns laughed the end loud as soon as I check out this book, and also enjoyed that immensely." —-Richard Bartlett, author of procession Energetics

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"In this potent and also evocative expedition of the brand-new art and also science of frequency dynamics, Peirce brings extensive knowledge and speculation that inspires together it excites. If applied across many disciplines, it provides a communication for brand-new ways that being and doing, health and creativity."—Jean Houston, PhD, writer of run Time and A passion for the Possible"We space all influenced by optimistic and an unfavorable energy whether we realize it or not. With the wisdom had in this book, you will learn exactly how to raise the level of her vibration—your frequency—to benefit yourself and humankind in miraculous ways."—Masaru Emoto, writer of The concealed Messages in Water"Many indicators tell us we are around to endure a rapid shift to a new world that will adjust the important nature of that we are and how we know reality. Transcending the comes chaos is feasible with the toolset provided here. Frequency is an unmatched gift because that the human who is prepared to evolve."—John L. Petersen, founder of The Arlington Institute and author the A Vision for 2012"Seeing oneself as power beings is the most necessary breakthrough of our times. In Frequency, Penney Peirce clarifies countless of the energy principles that have previously been unacknowledged, yet which we deserve to now purposely use to save ourselves healthy and improve the realities we live in. I laughed out loud when I review this book, and also enjoyed it immensely." —Richard Bartlett, writer of procession Energetics and also Physics the Miracles