Fortbyte #30 has actually been added to the Fortnite map. The clue for this puzzle item says that it is situated somewhere between Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills. While this is quite a big area, we’ve narrowed it down for you to easily uncover Fortbyte #30.

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Head because that the northwest edge of pleasant Park

This Fortbyte is actually closer to pleasant Park than it is Haunted Hills, so us recommend setup your landing zone close to the northwest corner of satisfied Park come grab this quickly. If girlfriend land close to the northwest edge of the named area, that shouldn’t be too difficult to take this and you should see it together you come in for a landing in between two trees. If you require a small bit an ext precise directions, simply use the map below.

Fortbyte #30 ar Map


Since there space no other requirements that must be met, you have the right to simply to walk up and collect Fortbyte #30 as soon as you’ve located it. Then you deserve to head into the challenges tab under Fortbytes to see which piece of the puzzle Fortbyte #30 has actually revealed.

By the finish of Season 9 there will be 100 Fortbyte to discover or unlock v in-game challenges. If you’re make the efforts to track the persons that surprise throughout the Fortnite Map, we’ve compiled a list of all accessible Fortbytes released so far.

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