Download patch Football Manager 2012 variation 12.2.2, Download job 12.2.2 football Manager 2012 , A hotfix for FM 2012 has just to be rolled out to deal with the Turkish Premier organization winner no credited problem & the Hungarian international player rules.Football Manager 2012 spot 12.2.2 is now obtainable to download. Steam will need to be collection to ONLINE setting to immediately update your video game with the patch.

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This spot addresses the reported concerns of the 12.2.1 Update. In a nutshell, it"s a hotfix for FM 2012 has actually just been rolled the end to resolve the Turkish Premier league winner no credited worry & the Hungarian foreign player rules.There is no new database option when beginning a brand-new game.Released: 21 in march 2012If girlfriend get any messages stating the video game is now unavailable, we recommend verifying her cache.If friend have any type of feedback in regards to this 12.2.2 update please post it in the official 12.2.1 update Feedback Thread.Football Manager 2012 12.2.2 change ListCompetitions- Fixed issue where win the Turkish Premier league is no credited- Fixed international player rules in Hungarian first and 2nd divisionsGeneral- Optimisations

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