Here's a finish guide to every Fortnite main 9 Challenges, including how to complete the 'Search chests in Haunted Hills' challenge, 'Visit three various taco shops' challenge, and also 'Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire' challenge.

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The Fortnite mainly 9 Challenges room out, with one of them requiring you Follow the treasure map uncovered in Moisty Mire. This Fortnite mainly 9 challenge overview will assist you find and also follow the map in Moisty Mire and also get this main 9 challenge completed as easily as possible.

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Treasure Map in Moisty Mire Fortntie mainly 9 Challenge

One the the mainly 9 difficulties in Fortnite is come "Follow the treasure map discovered in Moisty Mire". This needs you to discover the endowment map in Moisty Mire, then usage it to find the bronze star essential to finish the challenge. While friend don"t actually need to find the map if you use the location overview below, it"s quite to execute all the procedures in the challenge.

Fortnite Moisty Mire sweetheart Map Location

We don"t yet recognize where the map is in Moisty Mire, but we"ll upgrade this web page as quickly as we discover it when the Fortnite main 9 challenges go live ~ above Thursday, April 19.

Fortnite mainly 9 difficulty Bronze Star Location

The map discovered in Moisty Mire deserve to be seen simply below, which was datamined and also posted ~ above reddit. Datamines have actually been precise in the past, but we"ll check this map to it is in legitimate as soon as the main 9 difficulties officially go live.

Source: Reddit

By looking in ~ the map we have the right to see that we"re trying to find a home with two chimneys, early west the a triangle that trees. The residence seems to be type of between Salty Springs and also Retail Row, but we"ll update this guide with last confirmation when the week 9 difficulties go live.

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That"s every you need to know to finish the monitor the sweetheart map discovered in Moisty Mire Fortntie week 9 challenge, but make certain to continue ahead to our Fortnite skins web page where we’ll location the finest outfits available in the game, or the end Fortnite Mobile guide if you want to know how to download and also play the game on the go.