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Follow, follow the sunAnd which means the wind blowsWhen this particular day is doneBreathe, breath in the airSet your intentionsDream with careTomorrow is a new day because that everyone,Brand brand-new moon, brand new sunSo follow, monitor the sun,The direction the the bird,The direction that loveBreathe, breath in the air,Cherish this moment,Cherish this breathTomorrow is a new day for everyone,Brand brand-new moon, brand brand-new sunWhen you feeling life coming under on you,Like a heavy weightWhen you feel this crazy society,Adding to the strainTake a stroll to the nearest watersAnd remember her placeMany moons have risen and also fallen long, long before you cameSo which way is the wind blowin\",And what does your heart say?So follow, monitor the sun,And which method the wind blowsWhen now is excellent
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