SUNRISE, Fla. – Florida Panthers executive Chairman Peter Luukko announced this particular day the Panthers schedule because that the 2016-17 national Hockey league season. The Panthers will play a full of 82 regular season gamings (41 home and 41 away), and also seven preseason games (three home and also four away).

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The Panthers open up the 2016-17 season at home on Thursday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. Against the new Jersey Devils in ~ the BB&T Center. The Panthers schedule is emphasize by 10 Saturday home gamings this season and a matchup against the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins top top Thursday, Dec. 8.The Panthers final home game of the season is collection for Saturday, April 8 versus Buffalo and the consistent season finale is Sunday, April 9 in ~ Washington.SCHEDULE BREAKDOWNFlorida theatre 30 games within the Atlantic department this season with four games (two home and also two away) versus the Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Tampa just Lightning. The Panthers play 5 games against division rivals the Boston Bruins (three home and also two away) and Toronto Maple Leafs (two home and also three away). The Panthers will play 24 games against teams indigenous the Metropolitan department and 28 games (one home and also one away) against the western Conference.ORIGINAL SIXFlorida will play 11 gamings this season in ~ the BB&T Center against Original six teams. The Panthers will organize Boston three times (Nov. 1, Dec. 22, Jan. 7), the Chicago Blackhawks once (March 25), Detroit double (Oct. 15, Dec. 23), Montreal double (Dec. 29, April 3), the new York Rangers once (March 7) and Toronto twice (Dec. 28, march 14).PLAYOFF REMATCHThe Panthers will challenge their 2016 Stanley Cup Playoff adversaries the new York Islanders three times this season, hosting them twice on Nov. 12 and again top top Jan. 13. The Cats return to the Barclays center in Brooklyn, N.Y., ~ above Jan. 11.BATTLE for FLORIDAThe Panthers will face their intrastate rivals Tampa bay in four contests this season, hosting them in ~ the BB&T center on Nov. 7 and also again top top Jan. 26.PANTHERS WEEKLYThe cats will host a season-high 11 home games on Thursday this season, one top top Sunday, 2 on Monday, eight on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, 6 on Friday and also 10 ~ above Saturday.HOCKEY because that THE HOLIDAYSThe Panthers are house for a pair that games during Thanksgiving week, hosting the Philadelphia Flyers (Nov. 22) and Columbus Blue Jackets (Nov. 26). Additionally, the cats will end 2016 through a five-game home stand against five Atlantic division rivals together they host Buffalo (Dec. 20), Boston (Dec. 22), Detroit (Dec. 23), Toronto (Dec. 28) and also Montreal (Dec. 29). The Panthers will ring in the new year v a three-game house stand versus the Winnipeg jets (Jan. 4), Nashville Predators (Jan. 6) and also Boston (Jan. 7).START TIMESAll Panthers weekday home gamings will begin at 7:30 p.m. Through the exemption of Wednesday, Dec. 28 vs. Toronto (7:00 p.m.) and also Wednesday, Jan. 4 vs. Winnipeg (7:00 p.m.). Every Saturday residence contests will begin at 7:00 p.m. Florida’s lone Sunday home challenge vs. Ottawa on Feb. 26 will start at 7:30 p.m.TICKETSFor ticketing info on suite rentals, club suites and group experience or come learn more about full and partial ticket packages, please contact 954-835-PUCK or visit
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