The Wyvern Rider class consistently produced great units in Nintendo"s Fire Emblem games, however which personalities rank as the best?

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across the Fire Emblem franchise, few types the units have actually been together consistently exceptional as wyvern riders and also wyvern lords. Paris units tend to usually have high combative stats, yet while the remarkable mobility that pegasus knights is generally off-set by their fragility, wyvern riders are able to conveniently maneuver around maps while dealing far-ranging damage.

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This often leads to them being amongst the strongest devices at a player"s handle in every Fire Emblem game. However, wyvern riders space not constantly of equal quality, and part are normally stronger 보다 others.

heath fire emblem
if Heath native Fire Emblem: The Blazing tongue is much from an over-powered unit, he has actually the potential to it is in the many dangerous flier in ~ a player"s handle in that game. Recruitable in the Kinship"s bond chapter, unlike numerous of the various other units top top this list, Heath calls for a little love to be useful.

Joining as a level 7 wyvern rider at a time when the player already has numerous promoted units at your disposal, pagan notably has a solid blend of heavy strength, skill, and speed growth rates that allow him to possibly deal more damage than any kind of other flier in the game.

beruka fire emblem
an unpromoted wyvern rider accessible in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and also Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, Beruka have the right to be fantastic addition to a player"s army, functioning as part redundancy and also backup for another excellent flier later on this list.

with a shockingly high defense expansion alongside her solid offense stats, Beruka can deal good damage and also take a hit once needed. Additionally, Beruka"s personal skill, Opportunist, permits her to deal extra damages when a adversary can"t counterattack, allowing her come make an excellent use that hand axes.

jill fire emblem
among the premier wyvern riders in route of Radiance and also Radiant Dawn, Jill is a godsend in both gamings in i beg your pardon she appears. Recruited in chapter 12 of route of Radiance, Jill has solid basic stats and can grow into among the many versatile units in the campaign through her access to flying and the game"s enhanced version of canto.

In Radiant Dawn, Jill join the player"s army in thing 6 of component One and also is instantly one that its many invaluable assets due to her comparably significant base stats and mobility.

dean fire emblem
Dean is a dragon items in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 that immediately joins the player"s ranking in chapter 14. Despite his late sign up with time, favor Jill in part One that Radiant Dawn, Dean immediately becomes among the most advantageous units in the game.

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with an A rank in both swords and lances, Dean have the right to deal impactful damage with his silver lance while making use of his mountain to quickly maneuver v the bigger maps of Thracia 776.

Cormag is the first and only recruitable wyvern rider in Fire Emblem: The sacred Stones. He is additionally one of the many outstanding devices in the game. Joining as a level 10 or 11 wyvern rider relying on which course is chosen, Cormag deserve to be instantly advocated if the player therefore desires.

With impressive base stats and solid offense growth rates, Cormag deserve to be wherein he"s needed and also flexibly strike both near and far v javelins, every while gift able to rental rescue-drop strategies.

Melady is a wyvern rider in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade the is often listed for she absolutely incredible combination of base stats and also growth rates. Choose Cormag, Melady joins the army in ~ a high sufficient level come be instantly promoted, although players have actually the choice to enable her to obtain some levels prior to doing so.

able to conveniently maneuver about the largest of The Binding Blade"s maps, Melady deserve to deal considerable damage everywhere she"s needed.

Claude is the mr of the golden Deer home in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses. Once players reach the war phase, Claude gains access to absolutely stellar personal classes in the type of the Wyvern Master and also Barbarossa.

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with high movement, continuous access to pass, and also a stellar an individual Bow in Failnaught, Claude is amongst the many potent devices in every one of Three Houses.

Camilla is by and large one that the many over-powered units in any kind of recent Fire Emblem game, joining the army as a pre-promoted malig knight in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and also Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation.

v Camilla"s significant base stats that room accentuated by stellar expansion rates, one would certainly be hard-pressed to discover a unit qualified of reliably dealing much more damage than the princess the Nohr. Camilla"s personal ability, Rose"s Thorns, even enables her nearby allies come deal additional damage, further extending Camilla"s damages output.

due to the structure of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, there room very couple of characters in the video game that have consistent availability. In spite of this, Haar wake up to be one of the most frequently obtainable units in the project while being one of the most over-powered.

v base stats that would certainly be well suited for the later on chapters of the game, Haar deserve to obliterate opponent units v ease, every while toating few of the most devastating offensive capabilities of any kind of unit. Additionally, while paris units are traditionally weak to bows, in Radiant Dawn wyvern riders space instead breakable to thunder magic, a type of weapon that appears much much less frequently.

while this may seem choose a cop-out, the Wyvern Lord class in Fire Emblem: Three residences is there is no a doubt one of the most over-powered in the collection history, and also it have the right to be accessed by every single character in the game. If it"s not in a player"s ideal interest to make every unit a wyvern lord, it"s the optimal class choice for nearly every physically offensive unit in the game.

v high base stats, great mobility, canto, and the capacity to instantly remove one"s weakness to arrows by dismounting, it"s hard to discover a drawback of the Wyvern Lord course in 3 Houses. When also some that the most lackluster systems in the video game can turn right into veritable monsters through this class, that is sheer could can"t be understated.

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