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This is a overview for the Corneo"s secret drink throughout Chapter 9 in last Fantasy 7 remake (FF7R). Need to you drink the or just leave that be? review on come learn just how will her answer affect the story!

Mystery Drink in thing 9


At the Corneo"s Colosseum, Cloud and also Aerith will find Johnny in among the rooms. After ~ Cloud checks on the secret drink on the table, Johnny will let him have it, yet the player must still select if Cloud it s okay to drink that or not.

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See the link listed below for a guide through chapter 9!

Chapter 9: The city That never ever Sleeps Story guide & Walkthrough

How will certainly It influence the Story?


Your response will influence the route of thing 9 Odd work that will certainly be easily accessible for you.

Effects of dialogue Choices

Taste an enig drink?ChoiceConsequence / Effect
I"ll taste it.・+1 allude toward triggering Sam"s side quests.
I don"t need that.・No effect

Despite that what Johnny said around the drink, it will not administer any result on Cloud. For this reason you deserve to skip that if you are expecting anything various other than triggering Sam"s requests.

If you chose not come drink it, girlfriend cannot connect with that again.

Dialogue Choices and also Consequences

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All dialogue Choices


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Should girlfriend Taste the secret Drink?

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